No 10 admits to new credit crunch as central banks act

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Markets rise on decisive action by Federal Reserve and others, but 'euphoria' might not last

David Cameron

Can David Cameron get his way at the big EU summit?

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Prime Minister faces a tough task to please eurosceptics at summit called to save eurozone


Spain and France borrowing costs rise as debt fears spread

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Germany faces increasing pressure to allow European Central Bank to print money

Seven alternatives to the EU (in case it all gets too much)

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As German leaders issue heavy-handed threats, here's a timely survey of Britain’s options

The threat Cameron faces from imperious Germany

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Britain will be faced with a choice between being pushed further out of Europe or sucked deeper in

Have we handed Europe to Goldman Sachs and Co?

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As technocrats take charge of Italy and Greece, is the financial world trying to run Europe?

Mario Monti not the first banker brought in to save Italy

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Pensioners likely to bear the brunt as Italians buckle down to austerity regime

'Super' Mario Monti tipped to replace Berlusconi

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Sober eurocrat has little in common with Berlusconi, but could save his businesses

Another eurozone crisis, and this time it's serious

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An imbalance in Europe's economies threatens the euro, but leaders are in denial

Goodbye Berlusconi, welcome back political turmoil

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An end to bunga bunga may give Italy back a little pride, but it solves nothing