Hacked Zuckerberg photos expose Facebook security flaw

Dec 7, 2011

Private pictures of the site's founder posted online after another loophole is revealed

CALLS for improved security at Facebook could get some high profile backing after private pictures of the website's founder Mark Zuckerburg were hacked and made public.

The social networking site has long been criticised for failing to adequately protect its users' data and Zuckerberg has now become the victim of a security loophole that allowed a hacker to gain access to his personal pictures and download them.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald the flaw, which was admitted by Facebook, was made public on a body-building forum "along with step-by-step instructions on how to obtain access to the private photos of any Facebook user".

The Daily Telegraph explains that the process involved reporting a picture as inappropriate because of "nudity or pornography". Doing so gave the user access to other pictures recently posted by the same person, even if they were private. The problem was the result of "recent code pushes" (software upgrades), said the site.

Facebook said that as soon as it was notified about the security flaw it "disabled the system". But that came too late to prevent the release of pictures of Zuckerberg.

The shots feature the 27-year-old billionaire, his girlfriend Priscilla Chan and their Hungarian sheepdog puppy, Beast. In one of the shots he is seen holding a chicken upside down by its legs. In another he smiles at the camera while holding a plate of what looks like battered poultry. The Facebook founder reportedly only eats meat he has killed himself.

The images shed almost as much light on Zuckerberg as the BBC documentary about Facebook, screened on the BBC on Monday night. The show was widely criticised for the number of costume changes undertaken by presenter Emily Maitlis, and for failing to delve very deeply into Zuckerberg's character.

Another picture of Zuckerberg emerged from the show. It was posted by Maitlis on Twitter, and showed her with the billionaire along with the message "Lord, I am shamelessssss."

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