Ascot - fascinators banned

Ascot bans fascinators and minis from Royal Enclosure

One-Minute Read Wed 18 Jan, AT 13:25

Racecourse tightens dress code over concerns that Ascot is coming to resemble a nightclub

Belgian Raf Simons tipped to replace John Galliano at Dior

One-Minute Read Tue 13 Dec, AT 14:39

Nine months after Galliano was fired, Paris fashion house may have found a replacement

Victoria Pendleton has designs on fashion job

One-Minute Read Thu 24 Nov, AT 14:16

Pendleton 'terrified' by life after cycling but plans to team up with Paul Smith for post-Olympic career change

Entire Marc Jacobs collection stolen en route to London

One-Minute Read Thu 17 Nov, AT 15:17

God help the thief if he or she comes to face to face with one of the thwarted fashion editors

Benetton forced to pull poster of Pope kissing an imam

One-Minute Read Thu 17 Nov, AT 12:32

Vatican is outraged by latest ad campaign for controversial Italian fashion brand

Mary Portas

‘Ugly’ female politicians need restyling, says Portas

First Post Tue 11 Oct, AT 14:49

‘Mary Queen of Shops’ says Female Cabinet members need an injection of ‘sex and glamour'