Toy Story fans re-make movie with real toys – video

Desperate to get Pixar’s attention two fanboys remade a hit movie the old-fashioned way

LAST UPDATED AT 11:30 ON Tue 15 Jan 2013

IT WAS a case of back to the future when two aspiring film-makers decided to get the attention of the US animation studio Pixar by recreating Toy Story using real toys.

The impressive video of their efforts has been seen by more than 1.5 million people since it was posted on YouTube on Sunday.

Jonason Pauley, 19, and Jesse Perrotta, 21 from California created their shot-for-shot remake with a budget of $1,000 and help from 150 friends. Their sole aim was to get an invitation to the studio in Emeryville, California to see where their favourite movies have been made.

Pixar have confirmed they’ve received the lovingly made film, but there’s no word yet on whether Pauley and Perrotta will get an invitation.

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