Jennifer Lawrence 'rips' her gown at the SAGs - video

The Silver Linings Playbook actress suffers a bad wardrobe malfunction at SAG awards - or does she?

LAST UPDATED AT 12:30 ON Mon 28 Jan 2013

JENNIFER LAWRENCE appeared to suffer a spectacular wardrobe malfunction last night as she walked to the stage to collect a Screen Actor's Guild trophy for best female actor in Silver Linings Playbook.

As she made her way between two tables, her navy blue Christian Dior dress appeared to become snagged on a chair (video below). Then, as she climbed the stairs to the stage, the bottom part of the dress appeared to separate mid-thigh revealing rather more than was planned of the actress's pins.

It could have been a disaster, but seconds later, as Lawrence stood at the podium, the dress appeared to be intact again. The Twittersphere immediately lit up with confused viewers asking if the dress had indeed "ripped"?

The answer, courtesy of E News appears to be 'no'. It points out that the tiered gown's sections are connected by a hidden "sheer lining". When Lawrence tugged at the frock as she climbed the stairs the lining was momentarily revealed, but it quickly popped back out of sight as the sections of the gown came together again. Mystery solved!

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