Stamp, Arterton and Redgrave charm in Song for Marion

Feb 22, 2013

Terence Stamp gives 'career-highlight' performance in feel-good weepie about pensioners' choir

Terrence Stamp and Gemma Arterton in Song for Marion

What you need to know
The British musical comedy drama Song for Marion is released in UK cinemas today. Written and directed by Paul Andrew Williams, the film is also known as Unfinished Song.

It tells the story of grumpy pensioner Arthur (Terence Stamp) who doesn't share his wife Marion's (Vanessa Redgrave) passion for the local choir. When Marion's health deteriorates, and Arthur tries to please her by taking her place in the choir, he begins a journey of self-discovery.

Gemma Arterton appears as the choir leader Elizabeth. Christopher Eccleston (a one-time Dr Who) plays Arthur's estranged son.

What the critics like
There's a "marvelously insightful portrait of male emotional reticence" in this feel-good drama, says Trevor Johnston in Time Out. Stamp touchingly reveals his vulnerable side behind those chiselled cheekbones "to deliver a career-highlight performance".

It's a tale of heartbreak, redemption and reconciliation, says Robbie Collin in the Daily Telegraph. The on-screen bonds are so "plausibly knotted" and the performances so precisely calibrated, it's sure "to get the tears flowing".

It's worth seeing for "a trio of utterly charming performances", says Matthew Turner on View London. Arterton "lights up every scene", Redgrave is heartbreaking and "Stamp delivers a terrific performance".

What they don't like
"It's a shame the tender family drama at the heart of this film is drowned out by a comedy chorus of pensioners with attitude," says Henry Barnes in The Guardian. Song for Marion seems to be "aiming for the grey pound", but its treatment of elderly people is corny.

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