Internet meme Grumpy Cat to star in a Hollywood movie

Facebook's favourite frowning feline gives hope to animal memes everywhere by landing a film deal

LAST UPDATED AT 15:44 ON Thu 30 May 2013

IT'S the news that ambitious internet memes everywhere have been waiting for. Grumpy Cat, the pet described as the "moody feline star of Facebook," is to appear in a Hollywood movie.

The cat, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, became an online sensation in 2012 after a photograph of her glum expression was posted on the social news site Reddit. Users of social media began adding appropriately gloomy captions to the picture - eg: "I was happy once. It was horrible" - and a star was born.

Now Grumpy Cat's managers – yes, the cat has managers - have teamed up with Hollywood production company, Broken Road, to put the miserable Arizona feline on the big screen. Grumpy Cat "will be given the power of speech and launched into a Garfield-style feature film", The Guardian reports.

"This started off as a picture of a cat, but rare is an image that evokes that much comedy," said Todd Garner of Broken Road. "We think we can build a big family comedy around this character."

Grumpy Cat's mournful mouth is the result of dwarfism and an underbite. But her doleful looks have attracted more than 930,000 likes on her Facebook page and more than 120,000 YouTube subscribers. In March, she was signed up by a US pet food company to star in a series of TV commercials.

The Guardian points out that the first Garfield movie and its 2006 sequel were slammed by the critics. But the films took a combined $340 million at the box office – enough to put a smile on the saddest feline's face. · 

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