Shark Avalanche trailer: the worst film ever made? - video

Oct 10, 2013

Sharknado caused a social media storm but critics think Syfy's latest film is taking the joke too far

FOLLOWING the success of Sharknado, the Syfy channel has released a trailer for another shark-based horror Avalanche Sharks - but critics are complaining that the joke has worn thin.

The trailer, released this week, shows a shark-filled avalanche descending on a small mountain town during Spring Break. Sharks swim through snow and bikini-clad women are munched in jacuzzis.

It has already been dubbed the "worst film ever" on social media, with many condemning Syfy's apparent bid to capitalise on Sharknado in which Ian Ziering and Tara Reid battled sharks falling from the sky.

"The whole thing looks as if it was made on a budget of 15p," says Stuart Heritage in The Guardian. "Somewhere along the line, the majesty of sharks became shorthand for generalised cheapo scares." Sharknado was executed with enough panache to get away with it, says Heritage, but Avalanche Sharks feels like a step too far.

"Its title isn't even a portmanteau word, for crying out loud. It could have been called Sharkalanche, or Avashark, or Avasharnchek. Anything," he says. "Avalanche Sharks just smells of laziness, like a producer just went with the first two words he or she could think of, knowing that the internet will go crazy for sharks regardless."

It makes Sharknado look like Citizen Kane, says Rob Bricken on io9. Sharknado's legacy has taken "an unfortunate turn", he says. Avalanche Sharks is a "cheap knock-off" that is missing the star power of Tara Reid and is oddly light on avalanches.

"Just when you thought the joke was dead, SyFy has bought a new sci-fi horror about an avalanche of sharks," says the Metro, while Britt Hayes at Screencrush describes it as "defying logic and anything resembling taste". Syfy is yet to state when the film will be broadcast, but Hayes points out that its release date on IMDB is 1 July 2013. "Maybe we can still go back in time to stop it?" she suggests.

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