Teen Wolf meets Wolf of Wall Street in hairy mash-up - video

Jan 23, 2014

One part Scorsese, one part Michael J Fox: Teen Wolf of Wall Street is a tale of a lycanthrope gone bad

WHAT do you get when you cross Martin Scorsese's Oscar contender Wolf of Wall Street with the lamentable 1985 Michael J Fox movie Teen Wolf

If you were wondering – and let's face it, not many people were – it's Teen Wolf of Wall Street. A mash-up parody created by US pranksters The Shorts Show, it does its best to blend the drug-fuelled hedonism of Scorsese's film with the hairy hilarity of Fox's teen caper.

There's not much more to be said except issue a warning: the film contains bad language, references to drug-taking and a really cheap wolf costume.

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