Dujardin sketch proves he's even funny when he talks

Jean Dujardin

Star of the moment and Oscar hopeful performs for American comedy website

LAST UPDATED AT 15:58 ON Tue 21 Feb 2012

TALENTED, handsome, brimming with Gallic charm and now proving he's funny even when it's not a silent film... It's a miracle we still like Jean Dujardin.
Whether he succeeds or fails at the Oscars this Sunday, the plaudits already won by The Artist have made the French actor LA's man of the moment, meaning that Hollywood offers should begin pouring in if they're not already.
Which is the premise of this sketch, made by the comedy website Funny or Die. It sees Dujardin in a meeting with US agents who point out: "You know what a lot of European actors do once they get their big American break? They play a villain in a big action movie."
Queue Dujardin running through a whole gamut of funny auditions for villainous roles in – so far, at least - non-existent movies like Bridesmaids 2.
Dujardin has now replaced George Clooney as the bookies' favourite to take the best actor Oscar on Sunday, which is good news: on this evidence, we can expect at least one funny speech in between the floods of tears.

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Love him. So hot. Hope he wins!

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