Daniel Craig returns as James Bond in stylish Skyfall trailer

May 21, 2012

Fans lick their lips as teaser trailer of new 007 adventure is released

THE FIRST official teaser trailer for the new James Bond film Skyfall has been released online and has been given a warm reception by 007 fans.

This year sees the 50th anniversary of the first Bond film, and expectations are high for the 23rd installment of the franchise, which is the third outing for Daniel Craig in the iconic role.

Dan Jolin of film magazine Empire told the BBC that the release of the trailer was an important moment. "They need to reassure the audience that they are getting something new, something different and something better, but something that is still very much a traditional Bond movie," he said.

He added that with Sam Mendes directing, the trailer was a chance to show off a "new visual style" for the franchise.

It is four years since Bond last appeared on cinema screens in a Quantum of Solace, which performed well at the box office but was not well received by the critics.

But Twitter was abuzz with excitement after the new trailer was released, with many fans prematurely declaring Skyfall the best Bond ever.

Much of the excitement centred on 007's final line in the teaser, which could become one of the film's main catchphrases. The trailer features plenty of explosions and a shot of several coffins draped in Union Jack flags. At the end Bond declares: "Some men are coming to kill us... we're going to kill them first."

The film is due out in October.

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What planet are you living on and how much did Eon pay you to write such a stupid and false review of this dismal trailer? Trash my friend.....pure, unadulterated, trash.