Oscars 2013: can anyone beat Lincoln’s Daniel Day-Lewis?

Feb 22, 2013

Day-Lewis looks a dead cert to make Academy Awards history by winning third best actor Oscar

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Daniel Day-Lewis

CAN Lincoln star Daniel Day-Lewis break Academy Award records on Sunday by becoming the first person to win three best actor Oscars? The 55-year-old method actor can do no wrong in the eyes of critics, who have united in calling him a sure-bet for the acting gong.

Awards website Goldderby.com asked 26 Hollywood experts from publications such as the LA Times and the Hollywood Reporter to rate the nominees - and every single one bet on Day-Lewis to win best actor.

"I would be shocked - I think everyone would be shocked - if someone other than Daniel Day-Lewis ascended the podium Sunday night," Entertainment Weekly's senior editor Thom Geier told ABC News.

Day-Lewis has already picked up a Golden Globe and a Bafta for his performance as the US president who steered the Union to victory in the American Civil War.

His latest Oscar nomination is his fifth in the acting category, which he has already won twice - in 1989 for My Left Foot and in 2007 for There Will be Blood.

The Daily Telegraph's David Gritten today recalled the lengths to which Day-Lewis has gone to perfect his performances and said that a third Oscar "would fuel proclamations that he may be the greatest screen actor ever".

Day-Lewis reportedly hunted and skinned animals alone in the Alabama wilderness for Last Of The Mohicans in 1992 and refused to leave his wheelchair while filming My Left Foot. On Lincoln, he spoke in Abe's voice, even when the cameras were not rolling, and asked British crew members who shared his native accent not to talk to him.

Mark Worgan at Entertainmentwise says there’s only one reason to doubt President Daniel as a shoo-in on Sunday and that is Hugh Jackman. Other actors on the shortlist - Bradley Cooper, Denzel Washington and Joaquin Phoenix - don't appear to stand a chance.

"Hugh is doing another thing the Academy loves, singing and acting as Jean Valjean, and with Les Miserables turning those who usually turn their nose up at musicals to mush, Jackman could spring a real surprise," he said.

But even the Sydney Morning Herald has advised against betting on Australian-born Jackman. Day-Lewis is the "unbackable favourite", the paper’s movie critics announced today. "Yes, upsets do happen and if you want to blow your inheritance go right ahead. But don't say you weren't warned."

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DDL was genuinely scary in There Will Be Blood. I had my toes curled through the whole movie. Mad actor.