Seth MacFarlane branded worst Oscars host of all time

Feb 25, 2013

Creator of Ted turns off critics and film fans with 'puerile' performance in host's tuxedo

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Seth McFarlane hosts the 85th Annual Academy Awards 

SETH MACFARLANE has been described as the worst Oscars host ever by critics and members of the public who lined up to blast his performance on Sunday night as "awkward", "puerile" and "self-indulgent".

Nikki Finke from Deadline Hollywood wrote: "Does this guy even have any experience doing stand-up? Obviously not. This is one of the lamest show openings I’ve ever watched."

MacFarlane resembled a "smirking school bully" and his "appalling" performance is a strong contender for the Academy’s Hall of Shame, said the Daily Telegraph film critic Tim Robey.

MacFarlane, best known until now as the creator of Ted and Family Guy, attracted almost as much vitriol for his Oscars debut as Ricky Gervais did for his first gig as Golden Globes host in 2010. The key difference is that Gervais was described as an edgy comedian who (arguably) pushed his often cruel sense of humour too far, whereas MacFarlane has been lambasted for not being up to the job.

Robey said MacFarlane did his best to "bypass criticism" by making jokes about his own "horribleness". He even had William Shatner as Captain Kirk delivering a message from the future about MacFarlane’s "worst ever" performance as Oscars host.

The problem, said James Poniewozik of Time, is "a meta-joke about telling an unfunny joke is still an unfunny joke". Things didn’t improve, said Poniewozik, because MacFarlane’s schtick was "tentative", "filled with dead spots" and "had a nasty streak, particularly concerning women".

The Guardian agreed and said his song We Saw Your Boobs - a ditty listing the names of actresses who have appeared naked in movies - was "excruciating". The paper concluded: "It was a truly bad start to the ceremony."

Salon described MacFarlane's debut as "awkward, bizarre and offensive" and pointed out that most ordinary punters gave his performance the thumbs down. They took to Twitter in droves to post comments such as "Seth MacFarlane is cynical and horrible" and "I just want to punch Seth MacFarlane in the face".

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Sure, it was disappointing, but when have the Oscars ever not disappointed?

I fumbled aghast for the remote for 2 minutes before my toes bust out of my shoes and curled over the soles in total cringe.

theweek branded the worst news source of all time. Seriously, how about report on actual news instead of picking little gossipy posts from second rate journalists and making a story about it mmmkayy?

picking little gossipy posts from second rate journalists and making a story about it is bad, mmmkayy?

Was the headline of this "story" a joke or is it unintentionally the most hyperbolic headline ever? A few people on Twitter who think their opinion even matters all of a sudden dictate all opinion. Idiocracy here we come.

"MacFarlane, best known until now as the creator of Ted and Family Guy, "

Nope, just Family Guy. No one cares about Ted.