Ai WeiWei

Ai Weiwei doc Never Sorry gives China the middle finger

Hot Ticket Fri 10 Aug, AT 07:07

First-time documentary maker creates a riveting portrait of the unrepentant Chinese dissident artist

Bob Hoskins retires from 'acting lark' after Parkinson's diagnosis

One-Minute Read Thu 9 Aug, AT 12:26

The Cockney-accented rough diamond isn't the first high-profile actor to suffer from the disease

Sacha Baron Cohen gets licence to spoof James Bond films

One-Minute Read Tue 7 Aug, AT 13:19

Comedian who created Borat is set to make Bond spoof, but he has some stiff competition

London – The Modern Babylon

Julien Temple doc celebrates London - the Modern Babylon

Hot Ticket Mon 6 Aug, AT 07:48

Great Rock and Roll Swindle director creates a giddy kaleidoscope of London with a rocking score

Total Recall a flop compared with Arnie's original, say critics

First Reaction Fri 3 Aug, AT 13:47

New version of 1990s hit disappoints those who recall Arnold Schwarzenegger's moody original

Grin and bear it: MacFarlane's riotous, R-rated comedy Ted

Hot Ticket Fri 3 Aug, AT 07:43

Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis star in a blissfully vulgar tale of a pot-smoking, trash-talking stuffed bear

Vertigo takes crown from Citizen Kane as world's no 1 film

First Reaction Thu 2 Aug, AT 13:58

Orson Welles is finally beaten by Alfred Hitchcock after 50 years at the top of film critics list

James Bond back from Games: full-length Skyfall trailer out

Video Wed 1 Aug, AT 14:20

Trailer reveals a blonde Javier Bardem as the latest Bond villain and Ben Whishaw as gadget-meister Q

Cloud Atlas co-director Larry Wachowski now a woman

One-Minute Read Wed 1 Aug, AT 13:03

Former Wachowski 'brother' Larry makes her first public appearance as Lana

Weinstein calls for film violence summit after Batman killings

One-Minute Read Fri 27 Jul, AT 13:18

But where should it be held? The corner of Hubris St and Hypocrisy Blvd, says Deadline Hollywood