Baraka follow-up Samsara is sheer rapturous spectacle

Hot Ticket Fri 31 Aug, AT 08:26

This wordless visual journey across the globe will leave you moved, amazed and mystified

Venice film festival opens with The Reluctant Fundamentalist

First Reaction Thu 30 Aug, AT 12:46

9/11 film 'shocks the festival' with its bold tale of a man torn between capitalism and fundamentalism

The Imposter: thrilling, chilling tale of an audacious imposter

Hot Ticket Tue 28 Aug, AT 07:52

Bart Layton's documentary about conman Frederic Bourdin has all the drama of a Hollywood thriller

Shadow Dancer: emotionally charged, intelligent thriller

Hot Ticket Fri 24 Aug, AT 10:19

Andrea Riseborough impresses as IRA mole in this impeccably acted film from Ulster's troubled past

Harvey Weinstein 'gets death threats from wannabe actor'

One-Minute Read Thu 23 Aug, AT 15:40

Bit-part actor who rubbed shoulders with A-list accused of extortion plot against US tycoons

Witnesses 'shop' video of Tony Scott's mystery suicide leap

Talking Point Tue 21 Aug, AT 10:44

Family denies he had 'inoperable brain cancer' as fans urge a rethink of his 'action flick' reputation

Top Gun director Tony Scott commits suicide in Los Angeles

One-Minute Read Mon 20 Aug, AT 09:22

Younger brother of Gladiator director Ridley Scott jumps to his death from bridge over LA harbour

Usual action suspects report for sequel duty in Expendables 2

Hot Ticket Fri 17 Aug, AT 08:09

Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis and Van Damme deliver an escapist, explosive crowd-pleaser

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Burton's diary reveals passion for 'wildly-exciting' lover Taylor

One-Minute Read Wed 15 Aug, AT 15:03

Richard Burton called Liz Taylor 'beautiful beyond the dreams of pornography' in soon-to-be published diary


Pippa and the Shadow Dancer provide thrilling night in London

Tue 14 Aug, AT 09:02 The Mole

Political editors heap praise on movie version of colleague Tom Bradby's Northern Ireland drama