Judi Dench - M - Skyfall

Skyfall: can Judi Dench finally win Bond an acting Oscar?

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After years of being overlooked by the Academy Awards, producers are hoping for an acting nod

Beasts of the Southern Wild - a stunning, magical film debut

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Eco-fantasy film inspired by the Katrina disaster and made with non-professional actors wows critics

Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen, Woody Harrelson to star in 9/11 'truther' film

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Hollywood assembles cast of conspiracy theorist actors to seek 'truth' behind the 2001 attacks

Iron Man's Paul Bettany admits he's never seen the films

First Post Wed 17 Oct, AT 16:15

'I say some lines, they give me a big bag of money, and I leave,' says English actor. 'It's just not my thing'

First reviews hail Skyfall as the best Bond in years

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Director Sam Mendes' 'audacious' and 'witty' addition to franchise goes down well

Absolution for Ben Affleck: new film Argo is an Oscar contender

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Where's the wooden actor now? Affleck wins over Hollywood with 'sensational' Iran rescue movie

Ruby Sparks – a charming, quirky debut by Zoe Kazan

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Scriptwriter Kazan stars in sharp, witty rom-com that flirts with the Pygmalion myth

Beyoncé quits Eastwood's A Star is Born – was it their politics?

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Did the Republican director's 'empty chair' speech prompt Obama-supporting Beyoncé to quit film?

Spielberg's Lincoln: dull, stuffy and just made for the Oscars

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New York film festival-goers see Day-Lewis shine as Abe – but was that a movie or a history lesson?