Carancho, an Argentine crime drama not to be boycotted

Hot Ticket Fri 2 Mar, AT 07:56

Carancho is no art movie - it's closer to Hollywood's 'golden age' of conspiracy films

First black Heathcliff sectioned after racially abusing girlfriend

One-Minute Read Tue 28 Feb, AT 11:19

Wuthering Heights took James Howson from prison life to the big screen, but the sparkle faded fast

Sacha Baron Cohen scores YouTube hit with ashes prank

Video Mon 27 Feb, AT 11:09

Comedian spills contents of ‘Kim Jong-il urn’ over Ryan Seacrest on Oscars red carpet

The Artist wins best picture at the most predictable Oscars ever

Summary Mon 27 Feb, AT 07:49

Five top awards for French silent film while host Billy Crystal gets his worst press for a long time

The Help

The Help: an Oscar surprise or a Hollywood embarrassment?

Fri 24 Feb, AT 07:43 Charles Laurence

70 years after Gone With The Wind, playing a maid still gives a black actress the best chance of an Oscar

Sacha Baron Cohen as The Dictator

Sacha Baron Cohen's Dictator banned from the Oscars

One-Minute Read Thu 23 Feb, AT 15:21

Academy pulls Borat star's tickets until he pledges not to appear on red carpet as a Hussein-like tyrant

Safe as houses: Denzel Washington's easy spy caper

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Washington's charisma and slick editing add polish to this Bourne-style spy thriller

Jean Dujardin

Dujardin sketch proves he's even funny when he talks

Video Tue 21 Feb, AT 15:58

Star of the moment and Oscar hopeful performs for American comedy website

Porn industry condom debate

Porn industry threatens to quit LA over condom ruling

One-Minute Read Tue 21 Feb, AT 15:18

Porn stars are already protected, say LA adult film producers… plus sales will suffer