Clio Barnard's 'brilliant' fable The Selfish Giant - reviews

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Film about scrap dealing teenagers wows critics with its haunting story and brilliant young actors

Jamie Dornan: Ex-male model to play Fifty Shades' Christian

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Belfast actor replaces Charlie Hunnan as 'kinky billionaire' in film version of Fifty Shades of Grey

Saving Mr Banks: Thompson shines as Poppins' prim creator

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Actress' role as PL Travers is worthy of an Oscar, but Disney film about Walt Disney is 'sanitised'

Enough Said movie

Reviews: Enough Said, a rom-com for grown-ups

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini are 'a revelation' in this smart comedy about middle-aged dating

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Le Week-End: grown-up comedy with outstanding performances

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Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan never put a foot wrong in this insightful portrait of time-worn love

Shark Avalanche trailer: the worst film ever made? - video

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Sharknado caused a social media storm but critics think Syfy's latest film is taking the joke too far

Julian Assange attacks Wikileaks film in letter to Cumberbatch

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Assange calls Cumberbatch a ‘hired gun’ and accuses Fifth Estate film of ‘distorting events’

Carrie prank terrifies New York cafe patrons - video

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Video promoting horror remake shows what happens when girl unleashes telekinesis in cafe

James McAvoy 'mesmerises' in Irvine Welsh cop shocker, Filth

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McAvoy takes a walk on the wild side in this gleefully lurid tale of a corrupt cop from Trainspotting author