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fiscal cliff

Economist angers French with yet another nationalistic slur

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Fri 4 Jan, AT 14:41

French insulted as weekly mag portrays Obama as a Frenchman – and a cliched one at that

FTSE 6,000 points euphoria masks big worries about US

Thu 3 Jan, AT 09:30

US 'fiscal cliff' deal provides no basis for a meaningful improvement in debt ratios, says Moody's

President Obama's fiscal cliff 'victory' only defers US woes

Talking Point
Wed 2 Jan, AT 15:31

The White House wants credit for the deal, but Obama and the US aren't out of the woods

Stock markets welcome US's last-minute 'fiscal cliff' solution

Wed 2 Jan, AT 11:30

House of Representatives vote through bill that raises taxes for only the richest Americans

'Fiscal cliff' talks faltering as deadline approaches

Mon 31 Dec, AT 08:07

Pentagon ready to send lay-off notices to 800,000 workers if politicians cannot reach a compromise

US Congress

'Fiscal cliff' exposes muddle at the centre of American culture

Mon 31 Dec, AT 07:16
Charles Laurence

We tend to forget that the US Constitution was designed to create weak government – it's how Americans like it

Francis Bacon and Rothko lead way as auction records tumble

One-Minute Read
Thu 15 Nov, AT 12:02

Sotheby's New York takes record $375m in a day as 'Teflon-coated' art market proves its resilience again

What is the 'Fiscal Cliff'? Barack Obama faces his first big challenge

Wed 7 Nov, AT 14:54

The re-elected president faces an economic enemy that could tip America back into recession in 2013

Fiscal cliff looms for Obama

One-Minute Read
Wed 7 Nov, AT 11:36

Asians markets rise but dollar falls following Obama's win