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Hicks Jnr quits Liverpool board over abusive email

Tom Hicks Jnr Snr

American co-owner’s son stands down after branding supporter a ‘fuckface’

BY Jonathan Harwood LAST UPDATED AT 12:50 ON Mon 11 Jan 2010

The son of Liverpool's American co-owner Tom Hicks has resigned after revelations that he sent abusive emails to a supporter, calling him a "fuckface".

Despite standing down the incident has further soured the already rocky relationship between Liverpool fans and the club's owners, Tom Hicks Snr and George Gillett

Tom Hicks Jnr sparked outrage when he responded to a message from Liverpool fan Stephen Horner with two abusive replies. The first simply read "idiot", but the second was somewhat more verbose, and said: "Blow me, fuckface. Go to hell, I'm sick of you."

Hicks Jnr (above left with his father) has now resigned as a director of both the club and parent company, Kop Holdings.

It has been claimed that the second message was also copied to Ian Ayre and Philip Nash, the club's commercial and financial directors. Both Ayre and Nash have now been elected to the board of both companies along with Casey Coffman, the executive vice president of Hicks Holdings.

Horner had written to Hicks to express his concern over reports that Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez would not be allowed to reinvest funds from selling players during the transfer window on new players.

Initially it was thought that the replies may have come from Hicks Snr - already something of a hate figure to many supporters. However, Hicks Jnr came forward and told Horner: "I apologise for losing my temper and using bad language with you. It was a kneejerk reaction."

He immediately came under pressure from supporters' organisations such as the Spirit of Shankley (SOS) group to stand down.

The body said: "We call upon Mr Hicks Jnr to recognise his shortcomings, not only as an individual but, more importantly, as a 'custodian' of the club, and to do what any honourable person would do and resign."

Hicks Jnr's departure was announced by Liverpool in a short statement on Monday morning.

However, the failure of the club to apologise for his behaviour has not gone down well. "Is this what the club has come to, that a board member can speak in such derogatory terms to a supporter but can go without censure or any public criticism?" said the SOS. "The conspiracy of silence which has followed this unsavoury incident is totally unbecoming of a club which has always prided itself on its relationship with the fans."

Hicks Snr and Gillett have never been popular with Liverpool fans since taking over the club in 2007. The pair have laden the club with debts and have prevented manager Rafa Benitez from splashing out on new players. They have also failed to deliver their promise of a new stadium at Stanley Park. · 

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