Vertonghen picks Spurs over Arsenal, Drogba quits Chelsea

May 22, 2012
Bill Mann

Belgian defender happy with Europa Cup, as compatriot Eden Hazard annoys Man City

Jasper Juinen

WHO OUT there knows what Ajax defender Jan Vertonghen (pictured) was doing on Saturday night? Perhaps he was washing his hair, because one thing's for sure: the strapping six-footer can't have been tuned in to his telly watching Chelsea beat Bayern Munich in the Champions League final. Otherwise why is he still looking towards Tottenham, a club who are condemned to the Europa League next season following the Blues' epic win?

But according to the 25-year-old Belgian international remains adamant his future lies at Spurs, despite interest from Arsenal. Apparently Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy held "crunch talks" with Ajax in Amsterdam on Monday with Vertonghen instructing "the two teams to swiftly settle a fee".

What it is about the Europa League that Vertonghen loves so much isn't clear, but says the Belgian centre-half has "already agreed personal terms with Spurs" and is eagerly looking forward to taking part in Europe's premier club competition (not including the Champions League). Apparently Ajax want £13m for Vertonghen - though they will accept £10m - but Spurs have yet to offer more than £8.5m.

The Daily Mail reports that Robin van Persie's future has taken "another twist" with Juventus on the brink of turning their attention elsewhere. The Italian club have been chasing the 28-year-old Arsenal captain for weeks but the Mail says they've given up the ghost; instead they are lining up a "swoop" for Manchester City's Edin Dzeko. That, says the paper, will only increase speculation that the Sky Blues are planning to prise Van Persie from the Emirates next month in a big money move.

It's officially all over for Didier Drogba at Chelsea. After three days of fevered speculation the club finally confirmed on its website that he is off to pastures new.

"I wanted to put an end to all the speculation and confirm that I am leaving Chelsea. It has been a very difficult decision for me to make and I am very proud of what we have achieved but the time is right for a new challenge," he said.

Drogba, whose last action in Chelsea blue was to score the winning penalty in the Champions League final, is expected to join his old Stamford Bridge team-mate Nicolas Anelka at Shanghai Shenhua in China, according to the Daily Mail, and almost everyone else in football.

Meanwhile The Times reports that Manchester City, like many a suitor before them, are getting fed up with Europe's premier tease Eden Hazard, and his exorbitant demands. The paper says Hazard wants to be paid £200,000-a-week, which would put him on a par with the likes of Yaya Toure and Carlos Tevez, but the club are only offering half that amount. What's more Hazard's agent wants his cut of the pie as well, and is asking for 6m to make the transfer happen.

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, Roberto Mancini is now rather more interested in Montpellier's Moroccan midfielder Younes Belhanda.

In other news, Portuguese rag A Bola has reported that Benfica president Luis Filipe Vieira was sat next to Manchester United chief executive David Gill during Saturday's Champions League. A coincidence? A Bola doesn't reckon so, claiming that the future of Benfica playmaker Nicolas Gaitan's was on the agenda. Apparently the two clubs are "discussing terms" for the Argentine with the Red Devils looking to pay no more than £22m for the 24-year-old.

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Couldn`t have put it better oneself Desbenn. COYS!

Spurs a crap, forever in our shadow. Mind the gap lol, COYG!!!

I think it is not the short term consideration of Europe league but rather the fact that Spurs have improved substantially compared to Arsenal in recent years. If you look at the long term trnds in the last 8 years , the decline of Arsenal relative to Spurs is clear. Spurs finished well aboe Chesea and Liverpool .Arsenal decline cpmared to Chesea is even more striking : since Abromovich appointment they have 10 major honour compared to none by Arsenal. Unless this player wants to use Arsenal as step latter to get to Man City there is no reason any plaer to join Arsenal.

this was ARSENAL worst season in  many, many ,many years and Spurs best
in 15 years and we were still better than them, Spurs aint proved
anything as yet. We are still better than spurs when we are bad.And when
were good we are very good. If Jan does not want CL football it is up
to him,  You got players wanting to leave, Bale Modric ect is that a
team on it's way up or players knowing a team not going anywhere

It is true . Spurs ended up one point behind Arsenal again . but the gap is narrowed every year in the last 7-8 years . The thing is that Spurs played the best football this season according to Alex Ferguson. They can watch English football in Holland and the best player in Amsterdam can decide for himself which team player better football   I can see Sandro  becoming  the star of the Brazil team by the time he is 25 and Walker will improve in the second year of playing for Spurs. It would be difficult to see Levy behaving like Wenger with a player like Bale and in 2-3 year time when he is 25 likely to be a workd class player Spurs will improve fast. Chelsea will decline as they have to change up to 9 players soon . Not difficult to see who is going to be the kings of London in coming years.  

spurs  are going one step forward two steps back. Arsenal 8 years without a trophy But what have spurs won?
Look at the trophy cabinets of boths clubs..
Rednapp would have gone if he was offered the England job but they did not want him. Let just wait and see how many spurs players start making noise that they want to leave.  And lets just wait and  see  hiow many other players want to join you.

What Dribble! If you take the first half dozen games out, post the Fabregas and Nasri defections, Arsenal caned Spurs. In the last twelve games, a period where Arsenal were tapering off, they were still 8 points better than Spurs.

take off RVP and you will be in the 50 point zone.

let just wait and see what happens,  Spurs fan giving it all the chat. and not achieved anything.  Have they ever wont the  the double NO. Won the Preimership NO. have they made it to the CL NO

Tottenham are rubbish  could not even finish above Arsenal  after being 10 point clear,  They have no history. At least Arsenal   HAVE won things
CHELSEA are running London  arsenal second tottenham no where
Arsenal gave you a beating at the emirates,  a game you lot though you would win.
atleast arsenal compete  every year.
I can't see tottenham on the top 4 next season when Liverpool get back to who they were
Just Remember  CHELSEA are KINGS of Europe

Spurs are full of chat and not achievements

at least  Arsenal have won things, Spurs gave up a 10 point lead to them, is that a team on the up?

 Chelsea  number 1 club in London arsenal 2nd   spurs nowhere
just remember  Chelsea Kings of Europe

Your worst season for many years? Okay you didn't get to the league cup final this year (only to be beaten by relegated Birmingham last year) but it the same season you have had for the last 8 years. Why do Arsenal fans have to dress up finishing 3rd as success? Losing 4-3 to AC Milian but winning the home leg as victory? (Didn't Spurs beat them last season?) If RVP leaves or gets injured (not unheard of) things don't look good

I am so disgusted with our club Arsenal that feel we are taken for a ride and I think as fan they only way i can make my feelings clear is by not paying the club any more  money, every other Arsenal fan should do the same so the club would listen.... So so sick of this spurs signing the defender we have been chasing for months if not years yet arsenal were there about with blackburn in terms of poor defending this season. What the heck is wenger doing I dooooooo nooooooot knowwwwwww! so angry sorry
Mr x London

But he was there and he did score all those goals! Suck it up Henry.

Selling prized assets: Is that why Modra and Bale want out Desbenntt? Didn't Harry want out as well? Vertonghen may come in, but everyone else will have left for Champions League experience. He really will look like a prized $25M Belgian Goose!

sad isnt it.. that cheatski fans cant count up to 3... one two .. er no-where

Vertonghen favors 5pur2 because he knows he'll struggle to get into the Arsenal back four ahead of Koscielny and Vermaerlen. He'll walk into the WHL defence ahead of Gallas, King Crock and new king crock Dawson.

naah,i just think he knows that at arsenal,he wont be first choice while at tottenham....what can i say?

It is simply wasting time arguing with those biased idiots. What is the reason just comparing the last 12 games? Why not comparing the first half season?  Why Spurs is nowhere near gooners?  Their league table difference is just ONE point, not mentioning the impacts (on both teams) of poor refereeing and the three points that Fulop gifted to you in the last round.
Please respect Jan Vertonghen as a player of great character and his own choice.  Learn how to respect others, even it may not be easy for those rude, irrational and uneducated gooner fans (just minority. I don't mean ALL).  

Running the PL from, lets see, underneath the Goons and Tottenham. Carefree wherever you may be, you are the boys made of PVC.

yet that 1 point is the difference between playing in the champions legue and that other legue you guys play in

Such as building a state of the art stadium? Very backwards, a sure sign of decline. Only in the eyes of a narrow-minded spud does building a top stadium while remaining competitive point to decline.
That is the mentality you have.
Arsenal are a well run club, capable of attracting top players. We are in the CL every year. You will just have to accept that, as it is simply the truth.
I couldnt care less where spuds finish, this year , next year, or any
year. I only care about how my club get on.
Poor deluded little spuds, with their small time mentality.
Enjoy the Europa league.
Thats real progress, isnt it?

You compare the last 12 games because that's when the acid is on the team to get to the Champions League. Champions prevail in that period, whilst others (like Spurs) go to water.
In that period the gunners beat Man City, Newcastle, Liverpool and others. Who did Spurs beat? Bolton Blackburn and Fulham. Here end the lesson!

"Modric is hoping to hold talks with Tottenham
chairman Daniel Levy to ask for a move again and will cite the club’s
failure to qualify for the Champions League for the second season running as
his primary reason"
"With fourth-placed Spurs denied a place in CL tournament because Chelsea won
it, the north London club’s bargaining position has weakened, especially as
another of their prize assets, Gareth Bale, has declared that he would not
want to miss out in Europe’s leading competition again.

"The biggest danger for Tottenham, however, is with the existing squad amid the
threat of summer unrest and even an exodus among key players leaving White
Hart Lane"

“I wanted to finish in the top four with Tottenham and I think it was a
fantastic achievement,” said Redknapp. “We couldn’t do any more

That says it all Spurs are  Failures and rubbish ......... they players are saying it

Tottteringham.  all they got is chat and not accomplishments

Modric does not see spurs moving forward
Bales  does not see spurs moving forward

They want OUT.

Arsenal 5-2 spurs

Spurs are  going to be behind Fulham.

what was this bet bale had with Wilshere. Remind me

what was this bet bale had with Wilshere. Remind me 

what was this bet bale had with Wilshere. Remind me

The biggest danger for Tottenham, however, is with the existing squad amid the
threat of summer unrest and even an exodus among key players leaving White
Hart Lane

“I wanted to finish in the top four with Tottenham and I think it was a
fantastic achievement,” said Redknapp. “We couldn’t do any more.

too right you could not do any more ... not good enough

All you Spurs fans. Come to the bridge  if you want to see success.

 Spurs are crap and they know it. Jan Vertonghen is coming to Citeh.
Arsenal got decent players that we buy.  you have got any we want HAHAHA Top four next season  no way.

And of course the third placed Arsenal will storm to another season domination putting the likes of Wigan (at home) Norwich (at home) to the sword, thrashing the mighty Fulham, my my how Europe must tremble. I bet they will throw their hands up in pure terror at the very sight of 3rd place Arsenal (20 odd points behind Man City) marching in to town. Wake up and smell the coffee chaps

what was this bet bale had with Wilshere. Remind me

what was this bet bale had with Wilshere. Remind me

Yes you are in the CL every year as you are in the PL and the FA Cup. Win bugger all though, that's being deluded, if your capable of attracting top players why cant you hold on to them? I suspect a total lack of any real success my be an issue. Im sure the players that left you for Man City are gutted right now

remember all the things SOL Campbell won with us

Ummm it was Defoe you clearly require reminding

Yes 3rd is such an outstanding achievement, City must be gutted. I think all this tottenham v arsenal stuff is a bit like the kettle calling the pot black

 did van der fart think when he was leaving real madrid he was going to a bigger club.?????????
did he think he was going forwards or backwards or round in circles ???

Del, Spurs have won the double and they have made it into the CL a check your history or it makes you look a bit silly

"St Totteringham's Day"

spurs are in the money they are going to get £5 million in the  Europa League  , instead of the £25 million they could have got in the CL

Im a gooner, and to be fair spurs have been improving. Arsenal seem to have bucked the trend of deadline day purchases with Podolski coming in early, and we need at least another CB DCM & LW.

The signing of the summer will be RVP. We need him to commit and i think he will. With Wilshere back we are looking strong for next year IF we make the right buys.

Problem at Arsenal is the deadwood. So many average players we need to ship out


"Spurs count cost of Champions League absence: £35m and 'door opens for player exodus'

"Even more concerning for fans is the
possibility of star players such as Luka Modric and Gareth Bale pushing
for a move to clubs that are in the Champions League next season.
Guilfoyle, a football expert at P&A Partnership, said the headache
for Spurs will not just be about balancing the books.
said: 'In terms of the effect financially, Spurs is a well-run mickey mouse  club but
revenues will inevitably be lower so they will have to adjust that in
terms of the wages they can offer and the transfer fees they can pay and
still remain in the black.

There is also the worry that some of
those star players, having tasted the Champions League already, will
want to do so again and look to move elsewhere.'

Yes worst season for all of one year ,Arsenal actually gained two points more than last year .I don't understand Arsenal fans spouting on about worst season in years and still finished above spurs when they have won 70 points !3 out of the previous 7 years Arsenal have fallen sort of this total .This is a worrying trend and is indicative of a gradual decline !Of course all declines can be reversed but constantly comparing yourselfs to one other club is very misleading .I think what you probably mean is this is the worst Arsenal team for years not really much to crow about!

drogba has done his best 4 chelsea. now money making is the next target.farewell mr drogba.

uurm sorry to ruin your point but we finished with less points than we did two years ago... so i think you'll find that means that its not our best season in 15 years... and the only reason you finished even close to us was the ridiculous refereeing decisions we have had this season (stoke, chelsea, wolves, city = 8 points, so 7 points above you...)

Whats the big deal about CL. Vertongen's been in it last 2 seasons and ended up knocked out at the group stage. Arsenal get humiliated at the 1st group stage every year. Doesn't get any good till the semi's. It's wages that get players.

You obviously are an armchair fan who gets his facts from rubbish websites like this. You don't even know your own team!
This was not your worst season AND it wasn't Tottenham's best. You got less points last year than this and we got more points 2 years before.
Try to check your facts before regurgitating incorrect info. 

if you dont care then shut it goon just face it last season will be your last finishing above us sorry but the goon bubble has burst ,, and why u crowing about the ucl you will never win it  

People ie- Arsenal fans seem to forget on day one the London riots cancelled out our opener against Everton which if victory was achieved would give us platform to build on.There was the managers ongoing court case,then the ongoing managerial England vacancy he was touted for contiuously,as well as the player who died on the pitch.Arsenal won the 3rd spot by dodgy goalkeeping on the last day -very lucky.Spurs were very unlucky this year in straightforward circumstances would have champions league and would be above Arsenal this year whilst playing the best football according to majority of rival managers and 3rd for most of the season.We live and learn.

Bale has never said he wants to leave... the only one who's said so is Modric a year ago. In fact, among spurs players after the Champions League was no more, all we hear is players wanting to stay. Van der Vaart wants to stay no matter what the situation with the CL is. Adebayor is trying to seal a deal now, saying he's LOVING his time at Spurs. Vertonhgen WANTS Spurs despite not being in the Champions League.. and WHEN has Harry EVER said he wanted out. He said he would consider the England job, but what English manager wouldn't, that doesn't mean he wants out....
Modric said he'll play the Euros before deciding his future. He's been amazing for us this year, if he wants out after the Euros, we'll sell him out of the country, for A TONN of cash, and Invest in good players... when season start Tottenham will be even better than we were last season, Arsenal won't (if the sell Van Persie)

But you have came 4th or 3rd since 2006.. So you've been consistent then..

Hi Del, come off your high horse or should I say the dead horse you're riding. For such a so called high flying club, you've won FA for so long now that you and your arse buddys are getting used to it. Lets also take a look at the star players you've sold in recent year shall we: Ashley Cole, Fabrigas, Nasri, Toure, Adebayor, Glichy and very soon now RVP will FA as well, deserting a sinking stinking ship. I guess that equates to a selling club dont you think. And your lucky tag has returned. If you lot dont watch it, you'll be looking at 5th place next season.

You mean like Cole, Fabrigas, Nasri, Glichy, Toure, Adebayor, did I miss anymore? And RVP will leave for pastures very soon now, perhaps to join his ex team mates at City.

Del you do make me laugh, way past your bed time hahahaha.

You'd better start fretting arsenalist because you'll be playing in that competition soon.............

Del, I can see that you take the word of a low class no class rag as gospel. Pity all you mouthy gooners are just runners like your counterparts from West London.

Fabregas too said he wanted to stay up until late June last year but we know what happened there. These guys always have to tow the party line.
Arsene, as usual won't break the piggy bank, but will unearth another star of the future and finish in the top 3, and once again Tottenham will be relegated to picking up the scraps as they have for the past decades.

We would be upset to fall to 5th as it hasn't happened in more than 15 years. That's a long lucky tag. Spurs are use to being in the middle of the table and that is where you're comfortable. Just get use to the order, though I agree its great to have aspirations! 

Yes and Spurs have had a high of 4th and a low of 11th in the same period. Mediocre at best!

Still, what did spurs do? Settled for mediocrity once again and no CL. Back in your corner.

What an arse you are, mediocrity, bet you had spell check on for that word.

Er....NO, of you read the papers son it says arsenal finished 1 point ahead not 7 behind!!!! Typical spud clutching at straws and if buts and maybes!! Forever in outlets shadow. Suck it up

AS for edden hazards i believe the player has got plenty of option he is young but the idea of his agent is rather not understanding

Yes, Spurs were one behind in the end, but were 8 up with 12 games to go. When the going got tough, Spurs didn't get going. Whereas Arsenal played exceptional well at the pointy end. Spurs blamed it on everything except themselves. They went to water as usual.

What? Just like the 15 years or more before it? You guys are kidding yourselves if you ever think you'll be above Arsenal. I can think of a 25M pound reason (which you guys won't have) for being in the UCL apart from winning it. 

We can all point to excuses of why we didn't win a game ie. dodgy ref etc etc etc. At the end of the day they're  excuses. Fact: Spurs losing  third position was all their own doing. Live with it.

As usual, a Spurs fan who doesn't know his/her facts. Arsenal  always gets past the Group Stages and into the Knockout phase. Do some homework you Bunny!

If you didn't know it means you settle for being ORDINARY. How many times has Tottenham won the League? What only twice. Back when? 1960. That's pretty ORDINARY!
Arsenal; 13 League Titles and 47 major Trophies. Pretty EXCEPTIONAL!

Well, if you want to play that game, we had our first game cancelled, then had to play United and City back to back while Chelsea were tapping up Modric so hard he was "not mentally fit to play", meaning we handed the rest of the league a nine point head start... :)

I think the big lesson from this season is that, at different times, we were both truly excellent and both incredibly shit.  If either of us had got it together in the last six games, we'd have blown the other out of sight, but instead it was just a series of unbelievable chokes, both AFTER we'd had our major barren spells.  All banter aside, I hope neither Wenger nor Redknapp will think that was acceptable.

 Does that old Blackburn away top still fit?