Rooney doesn't understand English, says angry Capello

Jun 27, 2012
Bill Mann

Former England coach gets his own back for Wayne Rooney's 'lost in translation' remark

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NO WONDER Wayne Rooney was a flop at Euro 2012 – he doesn't understand English. That's the view of former England coach Fabio Capello, who has joined the chorus of criticism of the Manchester United striker following two dud displays in the European Championships.

Asked for his views on Rooney by  Italian news agency ANSA, Capello said: "After seeing the latest game, I think Rooney only understands Scottish. That's because he only plays well in Manchester, where Sir Alex Ferguson speaks Scottish."

The quip won't go down well with Rooney but then Capello will say he's just getting his own back for remarks made last week by the England frontman. In an interview before the quarter-final clash with Italy, Rooney had said: "It helps everyone being English. There are no words lost in translation and we now understand exactly what the manager wants".

The insult was said to have infuriated Capello, who resigned as coach of England in February after the Football Association sacked John Terry as captain of the national team. The Italian believed he had been betrayed by Rooney, a player with whom he'd always enjoyed a good working relationship during his four years in charge of the Three Lions.

Capello has received support from his former England assistant coach, Italo Galbiati, who waded into the argument on the side of his compatriot, saying of Rooney: "He's ungrateful. Capello made himself understood and respected. Football has only one language — the ball. He cannot teach us anything."

Rooney isn't the only player to have fallen from grace during Euro 2012. Across the Channel it's reported that several of the French team are in danger of being suspended from the national side because of their behaviour during the championships.

L'Equipe reports that coach Laurent Blanc will meet Noël Le Graët, president of the French Football Federation, on Thursday to discuss not just his future but also that of some of his players following France's poor showing in the tournament.

L'Equipe says Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri is facing a two-year suspension from the national team after a foul-mouthed tirade at a reporter in the wake of France's quarter-final defeat to Spain, while Newcastle's Hatem Ben Arfa is likely to be hit with a four-match ban after a changing room bust-up with Blanc. In addition Jérémy Ménez and Yann M'Vila risk copping a similar punishment for other acts of indiscipline during France's chaotic campaign.

Meanwhile in an interview with French paper Le Monde one of Graët's colleagues in the French Football Federation, Joël Muller, has given a withering assessment of the French team, saying: "These players in some of the biggest clubs in Europe have distinguished themselves by a lack of humility, an immaturity and an inability to represent their country and the millions of supporters."

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The aftermath of England's ulimately failed Euro campaign is becoming quite embarassing , dissecting what is now in past .Fabio Capello , is reacting in such a very poor manner an excellent club manager in Italy , but the fact can't be disguised he failed miserably as an International manager ,for 4 years tasked with leading England to 'win 'a International tournament .His success rate , zero as far as silverware is concerned .To now counter claim that Rooney only understands the Scottish language , in reaction to what Rooney said previously , " not lost in translation " .There is no such thing as a Scottish language , unless you take into account Gaelic , there is an accent , mainly an over emphasis of the letter ' R ' , by rolling the tongue when speaking. The pettyness of this now spat is a poor show , from the italian who is historical as far as England is concerned , he further attempts to keep his profile high , by making snide comments in relation to Rooney , who had a poor tournament again for the Three Lion's , that he only apparently understands Sir Alex Ferguson's ,Govan brogue .Turning what should be a serious review of Englands performance in Poland and the Ukraine into a churlish , petulant bun fight .
The proper people , starting with the current manager Roy Hodgson will analyse where it went wrong , what can be altered , with squad selection , policy regards developing youth , to ensure England , get out of the group qualifiers , to give it another effort in Brazil in 2014 .
Its totally below the belt to critize some one's , in this case Rooney's command of language , written or ' spoken ' when he , Cappelo was managing England for 4 years , and made no concerted effort to learn English himself .Surely one of the key ingredients of any manager is to be able to communicate clearly,concisely with the relevant authority.
Time for England to move on my opinion , leave the retribution behind , and plan for the next two international campaigns.
Ok Jimmy :)

Roy Hodgson should bring in an IQ test for future England selections.

can hardly string a sentence together let alone write his own name and
would never be picked. (apparently its in inside secret this overweight
bonehead even has to have someone tie his laces before a match) This
unfit bling encrusted neanderthal can then
concentrate on what he does best.....Eating.

It's pretty rich of Rooney to criticise Capello's communication skills, when this worn out ape-like anthropoid with a wig transplant can only grunt & gibber "On me nut,son" and "Make that double fries pal" as his contribution to the "Team talk".

The blame game of the English will turn even their faithfuls who are non-English away from them. Their major players are over-rated by an unrealistic British media . Majority of those promoted as world-class players are simply at best, "ordinary" and when placed in the international theater of quality footballers it shows. English players must go out and play in Europe. The EPL is a foreign league played in domestic grounds to hype the fable that England is the epic center of world football. Minus the legion of foreign stars plying their trade in the EPL, the league would be as good as the "Championship".
I like England, but this blame game must come to an end. It was a well known fact that the quality of the team at Euro 2012 was simply not good to win the tournament- even the British football pundits are on record of predicting this outcome. Qualifying at the top of their Group was a fluke. Rooney alone isn't a magician. When he is placed in a quality team he shines. He is a very good player among a bunch that is simply "ordinary" or not ready for high-level competitions like the Euros. Let the moaning stop!!! England is out.. go back to the drawing board and build on the positives rather than scapegoating.

I can just imagine the post match inquest conducted by Hodgson to the England players:-
"Ok lads we couldn't end 46 years of defeat but can anyone finish on a positive note...Yes Wayne,speak up"
Rooney:-"Grunt,it's buy one,get one free in Mcdonalds"

What rubbish Capello's talking about ! If he can't understand English then what, African, Chinese, Italian...he's obviously overrated !!