Man City takes on Premier League over financial fair play

Aug 23, 2012

Man United, Liverpool and Arsenal in favour of more regulation as Uefa rules kick in

THE PREMIER LEAGUE could adopt financial fair play rules similar to those being introduced across Europe by Uefa, if Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United get their way.

However, a rift is brewing between those clubs in favour of regulations and the current league champions Manchester City, who have been accused of buying the title after the club was taken over by Sheikh Mansour.

The Daily Telegraph says that the idea of introducing FFP rules was discussed at the Premier League's annual general meeting earlier in the summer.

 "The idea of tighter financial controls being imposed on clubs was advanced by Liverpool," it reports, but adds that Arsenal, United and smaller clubs including West Ham also backed it.

 "But the subject was not unanimously supported. Manchester City... are believed to have cautioned that they would prefer to manage their business as they see fit," says the paper. Fulham, who have received loans from chairman Mohamed Fayed, have also objected in the past.

"The English top flight is the only league in the country not to have its own cost-restraint framework," notes the Telegraph. "Leagues One and Two have both implemented salary capping while the Championship has introduced a financial fair play system for this season based on the Uefa model. Championship clubs flouting Football League rules will be hit with a transfer embargo."

 Uefa's new financial fair play rules state that clubs that make a loss of more than E45 over last season and this face being banned from Europe.

 Turkish clubs Besiktas and Bursaspor have already been banned from Europe, but another Turkish club has come up with a novel way of ensuring it does not fall foul of the rules. Trabzonspor is building a 28 megawatt hydro-electric power plant in the hills above its Black Sea home of Trabzon, the Financial Times reported earlier this month.

 "Once completed, electricity will be sold through Turkey's nascent power market netting the club an expected revenues of around $10m year," it said.

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Obviously man city will be against it as most of there income comes from there owners wallet.

So what, are the owners screaming poverty like most,
and are other teams developing in a infrastructure to the existent of supplying
100’s of jobs for local people to work in the new complex.

Shame the Premier League did not bring in Financial fair play rules when United started buying titles and trophies 3 decades ago.

If fair play is wanted ,then it must be a even playing field ,not just made to help the big clubs maintain a monopoly ,and prevent other clubs investing or dreaming of success ,perhaps each club is only allowed to spend up to £150 mill on wages plus transfers max per season,this would create a real competitive league ,that any one could win

this FFP lark is crazy to say the least, can't people see that since the takeover of MCFC by a wealthy Arab state this is "new" revenue being pumped into world football and I mean billions.... this money is then distributed globally and recycled globally.
OK, they may pump billions into football but they are not doing this for fun the Arab states are serious wealthy business people which intended to aquire a UK football team who have had an average existance for over 40 years and as an investment, build a super team one in which to rival Barcalona on and off the field and have a long term plan to recoup all their billions and make billions in profit..
If I won the lottery ok, I may retire but, if I did decide to invest millions into a new business I would not want people like Blatter & Platini to interfere to slow an economy which is at a low at the moment.....maybe its me!!!

City's wealthy owners pumping money into the club is raising transfer prices and wages for everybody else, and if you think for one minute Citys owners are even going to get a fraction of that money back from Man City, then you're more deluded than I thought...
When Abramovich first took over Chelsea, they said Chelsea will be self-sufficient in a few years after him pumping millions in, they're still losing money hand over fist now, so how do you reckon City's owner is going to recoup billions? from a club who is losing even more money than chelsea?

What a joke. Man Utd always spend what they could earn and never stepped out of limits. It seems like you are saying man utd have bought beckham, giggs, scholes, neville to win titles. Take a look at liverpool. They have spend more than man utd in the last few seasons. Where are they now?

totally agree with Paul. Chelsea is a classic example. Clubs think that they can recoup their money after 10-20 years. But the truth is that players and other clubs will take them as suckers forever. I don't see chelsea as being more popular than man utd and arsenal even after 10 years of spending. This kind of spending is unsustainable and does not benefit football at all because the money goes straight into the account of agents and players, not football clubs.