Joey Barton speaks English with French accent - video

Nov 27, 2012

QPR player, currently on loan to Marseille, even uses the wrong tense in apparent effort to fit in with his hosts

THE ENGLISH are frequently mocked for failing to learn the local language when they emigrate. But Joey Barton has made a bold attempt to put himself above such criticism by speaking English with a French accent.

The QPR player, who is currently on loan at French top-flight team Olympic de Marseille, can be heard trying out his new accent in the video below. Barton even includes common mistakes made by French people speaking English, such as the use of the present tense when the past tense is required.

Barton's accent calls to mind similar efforts by fellow Englishman Steve McClaren to fit in with his hosts while managing FC Twente in the Netherlands. The former England manager's Dutch accent prompted wags to dub him 'Shteve McClaren'.

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