Lionel Messi record 'belongs to Zambia's Godfrey Chitalu'

Dec 12, 2012

Messi has 86 goals, but the great Zambian striker scored 107 times in one year

AFP/Getty Images

LIONEL MESSI'S status as the most prolific striker ever is under threat after the Zambian Football Association challenged his claim to hold the record for the most goals scored in a calendar year, insisting that the Barcelona man's tally of 86 was beaten in 1972.

Messi surpassed Gerd Muller's total of 85 strikes in a single year when he netted twice against Real Betis last week. However, he is still some way short of Godfrey Chitalu's incredible, but officially unconfirmed, tally of 107.

Chitalu, who became national coach but died in the 1993 plane crash that killed the Zambian team, is said to have found the net 107 times for Kabwe Warriors in the same year that Muller set his record for Bayern Munich.

The Zambian FA told Zimbabwean newspaper NewsDay that it was now seeking official recognition for Chitalu, who was nicknamed Ucar, after a brand of battery.

"We have this record, which has been recorded in Zambian football, but unfortunately it has not been recorded in world football," said the ZFA. "Even as the world has been looking at Lionel Messi's record, breaking Gerd Muller's, the debate and discussion back here has been why Godfrey's goals are not being recognised."

A team is now working to verify his goals and prove that Chitalu does hold the record, said the ZFA. It explained: "The team... is going to calculate all of those goals, recording whichever game or tournament they were scored in. We will then send that to Caf [the Confederation of African Football] and Fifa so that we can show that, while Messi's record is there, while Muller's record is there, the actual record holder in terms of goals per calendar year is actually an African... Godfrey Chitalu."

The paper contacted Fifa, which said it had "heard about" Chitalu's achievement and was "checking on it internally".

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Wow!!!...107 goals against weak a## opponents, that's really
a great accomplishment to boast about. No disrespect to Godfrey but Messi has
just broken a record that many thought was once impossible to break and now
people are trying to take that away. Why didn't Zambia's FA mention this years
ago or before Messi broke the record?- surely the media brought up the topic of
Muller's record months ago for Bwalya or FAZ to notice - Wait i know why, it's
because they are trying to steal the spotlight. Aint that classified as
"unprofessional a#@&*#&"..I wouldn't be surprised if it was
Kalusha Bwalya's idea because he's a d#&@, straight up. He's one of
SuperSport's football analysts, a position he doesn't deserve due to the fact
that his english sucks balls and has the most retarded opinions...Anyway back
to the topic, Muller's record deserved to be noted simply because of the
opposition he faced, domestically and internationally. The same can be said of
Pele although i would only take his international goals into account. To cap
this lengthy comment off, it's just totally absurd and ridiculous that Kalusha
Bwalya and FAZ are trying to deprive Messi of an extraordinary feat, the more
humane act FAZ could have done was to appreciate his accomplishment and Bwalya
could have stopped being the d#&@ he is..Oh yeah another thing, my uncle
scored 108 goals during a season, the record belongs to him now;)

Where have the ZFA been all these while when all the talk about goal scoring records has been going on? was there was no professional football in Zambia in the '70s? What competitions did Chitalu feature in? Please let them not make a mockery of themselves

Optimist habila where ZFA was does not matter what matters most is that the Chitalu's record must be checked and verified. If it is proved to be true let him be the record holder. Lets not look down on our African players. Am looking forward to the findings.

Stoner Jones's you are just a hater my friend. let fifa decide. you speak of Kalu and insult him for having a zambian accent? u want him to pretend like u, wen u spend a day in UK or US you pretend like you dont know a single african language. tone down my boy. this is real life. the dates on which G chitalu scored are all fifa recognised dates. i was gonna tell you to hav a little respect for elders, but seeing you dont hav som respect for can hang. go go FAZ FIFA do ryt.

My man, that man did it even if u say it was a weaker side. what makes a side or opponent weaker? he perfomed way better than every one then and the situations was the same for all. even right now the situation is different now. due various different advantages so dont jst open it when it doesnt have any sense to say. shut it!!!!!!!

Godfrey 'Ucar' Chitalu - the greatest of all times. 107 goals.

Cool it Gentlemen, Messi has fans across the world especially across Africa. I just saw a pic of Chitau holding a football written 107 on BBC website and it was'nt taken yesterday. If this record is recognized that would be fantastic for African football, I'll have none of that talk about inferior teams or leagues.. etc... Having said that, it sets up a more exciting future for world football and Messi fans cos, if he is injury free he is realistically quite capable of erasing this "record" as well. CR 7 will prove good competition but it will only motivate Messi to work harder and trust his Braca and national team mates to work even harder on assists.

so if as some of you claim he scored against weaker opposition in a weak league, why wasn't it common place in African leagues those days to score 100++ goals? everyone should have been scoring at ease according to your shallow analysis. we should then have had an avalanche of claims from everywhere. But why just Zambia? because it is real.even in the so-called zambian weak league, no one has been able to beat that record. i can also argue that Messi scored most of those goals in a weak league. everyone knows that the Spanish league is all about Barcelona and Real Madrid. how many goals has Messi scored in matches involving real Madrid? say what you want, the Zambian holds the record and Messi just needs to beat that record

you are the one mocking yourself. it took centuries for Africa to be recognized as a footballing continent. have you forgotten? or you were born yesterday?

player name fuku lulu from lulu club scored 140 goals, and another player wee wee lulu scored 140.5 goals, for club and country, messi you are no match to these players... sorry kid better luck next time

good one

i like to see how it didn't bother anyone before Messi breaks the Record. Everyone was fine with Muller holding it and now everyone is pissed to see Messi blowing it. SO now we have a Zambian that almost no one heard about who scored 107 goals, and they're telling that just now... Whatever.

Yeah, that is well funny, because, you see, the African player has a 'funny' name. Brilliant.