Hazard faces ban, but Swansea 'millionaire ballboy' under fire

Jan 25, 2013

Charlie Morgan, son of the 32nd richest man in Wales, goes to ground after Chelsea row

CHELSEA'S ballboy-kicking midfielder Eden Hazard has been criticised by the Professional Footballers Association for "taking the law into his own hands" when he lashed out at teenager Charlie Morgan on Wednesday, but there has been a groundswell of support for the Belgian player in other quarters.

Yesterday, Pat Nevin called Morgan a "disgrace" and said his behaviour was "brattish" as he appeared to lie on the ball in an attempt to stop the Chelsea man retrieving it during the Capital One Cup semi final. Several players also voiced their backing for the Chelsea man on Twitter.

Among them was Joey Barton, the controversial former Manchester City, Newcastle and QPR player who now plays for Marseille. He was even asked to write a piece for The Times and obliged. "I don't think Hazard should have been sent off," he declared. "If the 'ballperson' had thrown the ball back as he was employed to do, instead of trying to mount it, then Hazard would have had no reason to retrieve it from under him in the frantic closing minutes of the game."

He, like many others, was also at pains to point out that the ballboy at the centre of the furore, Charlie Morgan, is 17 and the son of Swansea club director, Martin Morgan, who is the 32nd richest man in Wales with a fortune of £42m.

Much has been made of the teenager's Twitter page. Before the match he reportedly had fewer than 100 followers, but now the figure stands at more than 100,000.

Among the messages he posted before he found fame, was one that indicated he would do his best to waste time during the game, and he appeared true to his word.

His page on the social networking site "also contains photographs of a millionaire lifestyle which includes first-class air travel, broken champagne bottles, designer labels and staggering bar bills," sniffed the Daily Mail. "It all supports the notion he may be the richest ball boy in the Barclays Premier League, the heir to a family fortune built on a travel business and boutique hotels, who is even wealthier than many of the players."

But with the media out in force as the incident became "a major, if bizarre, news story", Morgan went to ground on Thursday. "The silence is probably very wise. The Morgans do not require the publicity or the money - and neither does Premier League football for that matter," noted the Daily Telegraph.

However, PFA chief Gordon Taylor said Hazard would have to face the consequences of his actions. "You can't take the law into your own hands," he told BBC Sport. "He lost his head and had to receive a punishment."

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The only issue I have with this incident is that Chelsea was winning the game so who cares if he wastes time... doesn't that help Chelsea in the end?

It was 0-0 at the time of the incident but Chelsea were behind 2-0 on aggregate from the previous game. Swansea progressed to the final.

The 'boy' should d be banned from attending football matches for a few months

Far and away the most intelligent comment on this came from The Guardian's newsletter The Fiver which in part read "It was one of those incidents that we're supposed to pretend we don't like to see in the game, when in fact it is one of those incidents everyone secretly loves to see in the game: an uncooperative ballboy getting hoofed in the ribs by a player who needed the ball in a hurry.

"He wasn't hurt, kind of deserved it and the player got sent off to think about what he'd done and after the match they
apologised to each other and both shook hands. Those who were either entertained and amused, or outraged and ready to burst with pomposity at the horror of it all, got their money's worth. Hats off, then, to the inevitable bozo who felt compelled to report the matter to the police;.."

Further comment from me would be superfluous.

According to his own facebook postings, the "boy" is a boozing, gambling jerk who fully intended to interfere with the play of this game. The parents of this "boy" own a large part of the team that benefitted from this interference. Why isn't the entire Morgan family under investigation?

Sad to see the FA hits Hazard hard, but what else would one expect from the FA! The Boy should be banned from Football matches, i hope he will get a kick in the Ribs that will make hem roll on the floor from one of hes own, disgraceful behavior,
.....could you imagine he would have done that to Eric Cantona!