Bernabeu bust-up: Lionel Messi loses cool with Alvaro Arbeloa

Feb 1, 2013
Bill Mann

What was that all about? Mystery surrounds Barca 'moment of madness' in Bernabeu car park

THERE'S been another unsightly incident involving Lionel Messi and this time it's got nothing to do with his dress sense. Having sent shockwaves through the world of football last month when he collected his fourth consecutive Fifa Ballon d'Or award wearing a suit that appeared to be one of Julian Clary's cast-offs, the Barcelona striker has hit the headlines again for all the wrong reasons.

According to the Daily Mail, Messi "launched into an astonishing rant" at Real Madrid right-back Alvaro Arbeloa following the club's encounter at the Bernabeu on Wednesday night.

The game finished 1-1 and Messi appeared agitated throughout the match, reportedly trading insults with Arbeloa, with both players covering their mouths to hide their words from the cameras. The Spanish newspaper Marca alleges that Messi also confronted Real assistant manager Aitor Karanka in the tunnel after the game, yelling: "What are you looking at? Shut up. You're just [Jose] Mourinho's puppet."

But the real fireworks came later as Messi "sought out" former Liverpool defender Arbeloa in the Bernabeu car park following the Copa del Rey clash.

The diminutive Messi, who presumably had to stand on tip-toe to see over the cars, eventually located Arbeloa and let rip in "a tirade that left the Madrid player stunned". The Mail says Arbeloa's wife, who is expecting a child, witnessed Messi's moment of madness and was shocked by his behaviour.

The incident was defused when Messi was reportedly "dragged away from the scene and taken back to the Barcelona team bus".

The 25-year-old Messi didn't have one of his better games for Barcelona during the 1-1 clash and it may be that his frustrations boiled over in the car park. Others, however, are speculating that the Argentine may be concerned that his mantle as the world's greatest striker is in jeopardy given Theo Walcott's form of late. Surely not.

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The stupidest article ever!!!! messi was pissed off because the whole game they were hitting him even shoved his face, twice, and the ref didnt do a thing. Clearly the refs are scared to go against madrid bc mourhino made sure the refs fear him or he would ruin their name.

wow the face behind the mask......i knew this guy is just pretending

Sooooooooooooooo true and honest comment. Don't forget because he is an incredible footballer that does not mean he is not human. Watch the match and if you are an honest viewer/football enthusiast you will see why any human being would be upset. Hey no one is infalble unmask and be honest. Hey!!! come on. Football is about skill, and ball manoeuvring, not about trying to damage and get personal by shoving people in d face. Watching the game one could see the taught aggression coming out. Check the stats and the fowls. We want to enjoy football as a game not as a battlefield where players are trying to target and hurt other players.

Not surprised at all... it's only a matter of time! Messi getting frustrated in a match does not happen often, given that he is very protected by the refs... one little touch on the little man and it's a foul (often yellow card), so no one dares to challenge him again, afraid they will get thrown off the game. Things always seem to go his way and he has no reason to be frustrated! However, even though only a few have been caught on camera, I've seen Messi lash out on the field... the time he kicked the ball on purpose to the stands and the time he headbutted a player on the field come to mind! He's not the little angel some people make him out to be... he's just good at hiding his true self in front of the cameras. The funniest thing is how Messi fans react to this incident: "Oh, he's just human". "He was constantly getting hit in the game". No, he wasn't! Just because a player challenges him and wins the ball from him, doesn't mean they fouled him! And yes, sometimes players get fouled and it doesn't get called... it's all part of the game and it happens to both sides! The problem is that little Messi was not used to having calls not go in his favor. How many times does Cristiano, for instance, get hit and no fouls are awarded? Thousands of times!!! People say "Oh, he's big, he could have handled that." How many times do we see Cristiano frustrated by the bad calls? The answer is quite often, and rightly so, but you only see him complaining to the ref and show dissatisfaction on his face.... he doesn't headbutt players or goes looking for a fight in the parking lot. Yet, when Cristiano complains about bad calls, people call him a "cry-baby", when Messi lashes out on other players, people say "Poor boy, he's only human". Get real people!

You and your stupid comment are so dumb... just shup up and go kill yourself

honestly its not messi's fault if the media paint him to be perfect,
and honestly in that headbutting incident if you look back stuff were
said to him which caused the whole affair, but I doubt this would
happen. If other incidents like this are even remotely true then there
would atleast be pictures i mean, 2 stars in a parking lot and no
photographers really madrid fans, really. Ronaldo is cool though it is
unfair he doesnt get some calls because of his reputation from england
but CN you are clearly presenting a biased argument and refuse to even
use up 5% of your brain to analyze the situation. I also came to
understand that the karanka incident may be true but the arbeloa
incident because of the barcelona bus depature it could not but we will
see in the nect couple of hours what happened.

Guest, players insulting each other on the field happens often in every game... and yet you don't see the players headbutting each other everytime they get insulted. Messi headbutted the player and it was a nasty action, one that he saw a yellow card for instead of the red he should have gotten for aggression, which is the rule. Dani Alves spent the entire game provoking Cristiano Ronaldo, trying to get him to lose his cool and do something stupid to get a yellow card, so he would not be able to play the second hand game at Barcelona. Cristiano ignored him the whole game, but you see Alves trying really hard to get him carded. I remember quite well Dani Alves kicking the ball quicly towards Cristiano's back after a free kick was called in favor of Barcelona, so the ref would give a yellow to Cristiano for impeding the free-kick from being taken, when clearly Cristiano was walking away from the ball with his back turned and wasn't even aware Dani Alves was taking the free kick at that point. Messi also spent the game exchanging words with a lot of Real Madrid players on the field... and I'm sure he was not using nice words or complementing them! Insults on the field happen often and Messi does it too! I would think that the players parking lot is a private, reserved area... so no MEDIA allowed. Hence, no photos!

Yup, that's Real Madrid, playing dirty and trying to win in any way they can. NO CLASS! That's how Mourinho has them playing. If you watched the game you could see Arbeloa and Alonso slapping Messi in the face and the ref did nothing. How come THAT's not in the news? Mourinho has them doing whatever they can to get under Messi's skin to affect his game. Even if it means being dirty which is unfortunately how Real Madrid has been playing since Mourinho has been in charge. I've lost respect for Real Madrid and other soccer fans I've spoke to tell me the same.

What a load of tosh, The whole thing was started by Marca, which is of course Madrid's media. I'd have believed if atleast some one as legit as Alonso came out and said it.
Callejon is just a puppet of Mourinho, this whole thinks looks like drama created by Marca.

He mentions Messi waited about and Hour and Half waiting For Arbeloa, I really doubt 'Anyone' would be that desperate just to go out and call them stupid. Only blind fools would believe this nonsense.

You deserve a pat on the shoulder..seems as if they are being trained to be aggressive, at whatever cost and if you really analyse how they play, one can see that it is a do or die get rid of other players. You can tell that a lot of bitterness and hate dwell in that change room. I can only hope that someone comes to their rescue before they take their unhappiness and aggression out on one of their opposing players. Would be sad, there needs to be some serious changing somewhere there (soon!!) Help!! What can you expect from RM team players?? If the person in charge always seems to be so unhappy, bitter and aggressive what can you expect. Children live what they learn!! Such a pity as RM has some very excellent player, twas always a joy to watch them play before but not so much now. Shame!!

i have to admit i'm more of a madrid fan and i think barcelona's passing and possesion are amazing and one way to deal with it was to keep pressuring them, and everyone who watch and understand football know it's gonna get ugly. I mean what do you expect? just let them conveniently passing until there are space for killer pass ? how naive..
slap? as i recall arbeloa did nothing but touch his face and alonso was giving a gesture that says " keep it cool"
the one i hate is when alves trying to kick the ball to ronaldo, and thank god the ref did a great job.

i know it's my side of story but i still think if alonso plan to slap him in the face, he'll be out for idk, 3-4 months due to broken jaw so keep it cool dude.

My friend .. look at the video posted on yahoo sports.. xabi alonso and Arbeloa slapped Messi right in front of the linesman and nothing happens. Anybody will get angry..

Really Falcon? Real Madrid is dirty, no class? Really? First of all, the tiki -taka style of Barcelona makes the Barcelona players more prone to getting fouled. Barça's short, quick, accurate passes make it harder for the opposing team to steal the ball, and when they try to do it, they often commit foul unless they time it perfectly. But those fouls are accidental, trying to get possession of the ball. You want to talk dirty, how about Dani Alves, Pedro, Busquets, Alexis, Mascherano and Pique's constant acting, rolling on the floor like they broke something, to get the players on the other team sent off the game, and then the replays show no contact whatsoever. What do you call that... classy & fair play? Remember the second yellow Pepe got over a "foul" on Dani Alves that never happened...Pepe never touched him. Remember when Pedro ran into Arbeloa on purpose, then went down rolling on the floor holding his face like he got punched and replays show no contact on his face. Same with Busquets faking an injury to the face that never happened sending Tiago Motta off the field in the Champions League Semis. And Busquets again faking a head slap by Marcelo that replays show never happened! Or Mascherano faking a hit to the face from Adebayor that never existed. Man, I could go on and on and on... Barcelona does this a lot, especially in really important matches against good teams, all in Champions League games and games against Real Madrid, which is when they find it hard to win without cheating! Real Madrid might make a lot of fouls against Barcelona, mostly due to the tiki-taka style that's hard to stop, but the fouls get called and players get punished. You don't see RM players faking injuries like you see from Barcelona to get players from the other team sent off! That is what I call playing dirty!

Blah-Blah! need to get real/realistic..for you! is it about football where as fans we can enjoy, or is it about taking out frustration on players because you are being denied the footballer you yearn to be, if so is your case, you need to go and help in that dressing room..since you are in denial! can't you see that something is wrong. They were not like this before. We are not casting stones at Messi, Ronaldo etc. etc. Barcelona & RM and the others, it is about decent/good football and the principles...both teams have excellent players...and don't we all love to enjoy a worthwhile game of football....there are games that Barcelona does not win but the end results are not like this. They take it with 'a grain of salt' and try to do better the next game. Openly shoving someone in the face not one player but two...totally unnecessary!! If it were some other aggressive player the game would have ended prematurely...expected more from Xabi Alonso (as a mature player) so disappointed in him. The aggression is taking a toll of the players more and more (one by one) If this aggressive behaviour continues RM will b extinct soooooon. The poor player are unhappy and frustrated it shows in the style of game that they play. The fowls are proof. They might soon have to change the name of the team to Battlefield Madrid, and create another league for them and similar teams out there. For the love of football and for the love of Real Madrid someone needs to help, don't wait until it is too late. Whenever a household is in chaos, one will experience total chaos in the behavioural patterns of its inhabitants.

boy i would have had that arbeloa would be swallowing teeth in that car park, no one seems to bother with the slap on messi's face by that waste of time who (to quote ESPN) contributes nothing to Real and is the cause of casillas injury. how stupid is he and how stupid is RM for still having him around.

casillas should have had him swallowing teeth.

Footballenthusiast, are you really trying to pin Messi's bad behavior on an unhappy RM squad? lol

First of all, RM players look quite happy and united on the field... there are no fights among the players - that's Media talk to create polemic and, with all honesty, sell more newspapers! Madrid is doing just fine, thank you very much for your concern! And Mourinho is an amazing coach, one that Barça fans don't like because he made RM pretty strong, the only team that is able to compete with Barça for all titles! It's true that he has been criticized by some RM fans & media for sitting Casillas and Ramos on the bench....but he is the coach and know what he's doing. I bet you he sat them on the bench for attitude issues, not performance! Players with big egos need a few games on the bench to be brought to reality and improve their attitude & performance! Mourinho has done that with most of his players...he did it with Coentrão, Di Maria, Ozil, Carvalho, Ramos, Casillas, all the ones that needed an attitude check! I applaud that 100%... a team of stars & big egos needs discipline!

Second of all, what does the alleged "unhappiness" of RM players have to do with Messi's nasty behavior?

you know, if u searched on youtube and saw how RM plays you would have saved yourself and us by extension some precious time from reading your biography of the clasico. there is actually a video named Nasty Real Madrid. also search for Di Maria red card vs valencia, Pepe steps on Messi hand, Coentrao hits messi, kaka kicks player in face. and we havent even reached ramos. sooooooo download flash player and do some homework.

yeah i dont think alonso meant anything, he is one of Madrids cool dudes, but messi and arbeloa aint best friends who played marbles together, so why is he touching his face. and i wouldnt want anyone touching my face either whether it be a pat or a slap. arbeloa, do your team a favour and leave, you already took them down a slippery slope with the casillas incident.

lets get real if you want. do you honestly honestly honestly honestly think they would try that with Zlatan if it was sooo innocent??? be real to yourself. no man should touch another man face if they aint friends. he should have been Zlatanated in the parking lot.

while this was supposed to be happening messi was boarding a plane so i think these reporters shd get their story straight before posting it

asylum, those RM players got punished for what they did. I saw no punishments given to the Barcelona players that have faked injuries over and over to get the unfair advantage of playing one man up. The difference lies there! While RM players get punished for their actions, Barcelona players go unpunished for cheating. Since you are all about youtube, look up "Barcelona fake injury", "Dani Alves fake injury", "Barcelona fake fauls".

i see you struggling with your defence since half of RM antics and theatrics go unpunished. but back to the real question, why did arbeloa touch messi's face? i noticed you didnt reply to my previous response about if it was zlatan, where would arbeloa be, i think he would have needed a new set of dentures.

Messi always flips out when things don't go his way . Just ask David Villa

Patting on face is more then verbal abuse for man calling arbeloa dumb and that mou puppet ''puppet'' is messi's version of being angry but if it was zlatan abrahimovich well he would have done more then ''dumb'' to Arbeloa.. messi did the right thing just show these puppet their place.. Visca el Barca

go to youtube, type in Pepe - The Assassin. as we say in the Caribbean. done talk! cuz the 3/4 of the RM squad has this mentality.

u saw the Pepe - The Assassin video??? there is a difference, u sure right. these animals are violent, malicious, dangerous and they all look for what they get. i wish to see Zlatan kung fu kick that Pepe animal in the gut.

This entire incident has been pretty decisively disproven, in part because Barcelona's bus left for the airport 45 minutes before Callejon says the altercation with Arbeloa happened. It seems to me that RM are trying to push attention away from the media focus on them by creating controversy where none exists. They need to focus more on their game and less on the media.

Well said! where are all the anti-Bacelona's drama writers...I am so looking forward to read your long and
intriguing episode of tonight's encounter...Granada vs. Real Madrid...Barcelona/Messi haters stand up and throw your punches...The infamous Alvaro Arbeloa strikes again
tonight...this time with the lines man...if my memory serves me right, it was just
days ago that they Alvaro Arbeloa and Xabi Alonso shoved Messi in the face and
then turn around and fabricated so many stories thereafter...where are the stories
tonight...Marca where art thou! I am, and sure that there are many others that are looking forward to the juicy stories
that you will post!! unfair game plays twice!! Loads more to unfold with the remaining RM
matches ahead...he who laughs last, laughs best!!

Thumbs up! what a diss! shoving Messi in the face. The infamous Alvaro Arbeloa aggression flares up again tonight this time with the lines man. Messi is one of a kind, some other players would certainly have him grounded for that.

'The Assassin' for real..That's how there coach train them. Whenever they cannot get the ball they attack the players. No time to shove faces tonight, it's only Barcelona they have the brutal strength for. Granada & Cristiano condemns RM to defeat.

I've just gone and done that. Hardly slaps. My 2 year old nephew could easily do better. They were trying to wind him up and clearly succeeded so well that all his fans also felt the pain.

I thought it was a great suit!