Man City has best-paid players in the world, on £100k a week

Jun 12, 2013

Average salary at the Etihad is £5.2m-a-year, as football dominates global pay league

IF JESUS NAVAS had any doubts about joining Manchester City this week a new report should put his mind at ease, because whatever happens next season he will be part of the best-paid team in world sport.

The average annual wage of a first-team player at the Etihad is now £5.2million a year, or £100,764-a-week, according to the Sportingintelligence Global Sports Salaries Survey.

The Independent notes that the figures highlight City's "staggering rise over the last five years" since they were bought by Sheik Mansour of Abu Dhabi in 2008.

Football dominates the top of the table,which looks at teams in the biggest sports leagues around the world. It provides eight of the top 12 teams on the list. Last year Barcelona and Real Madrid topped the table, but they have fallen to fourth and third respectively, although they both pay an average weekly wage of £90,000. "Their fall is in part put down to the waning strength of the euro," explains the Daily Mail.

AC Milan are sixth on the list with Chelsea (average £78,000 a week) eighth. Then come Bayern Munich and Inter Milan with Man United (£75,400pw) in 12th place. Arsenal are in 15th with an average wage of £70,500pw and Liverpool are 21st on £64,500pw.

There are three baseball teams in the top 12 (LA Dodgers, New York Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies) and the LA Lakers basketball team.

"The presence of both the Yankees and City on the list shows the combined financial clout of the two franchises, just weeks after the two brands launched joint venture New York City, a new Major League Soccer side based in the Big Apple," notes the Daily Mail.

The effects of salary caps are obvious in the table, and the best-paid National Football League team is the Kansas City Chiefs, whose players earn £30,000-a-week. Strangely, that is £2,000 less than the poorest team in the Indian Premier League cricket competition, the Rajastan Royals, pay their players per week - although the IPL is a shortlived competition.

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