Carragher is ‘nothing’ says Diouf, despite England call

Jamie Carragher; Liverpool

The FA thinks Carragher has management potential but the Blackburn bad boy says he is ‘ketchup or mustard’

BY Jonathan Harwood
LAST UPDATED AT 09:35 ON Thu 23 Dec 2010

On the day that Jamie Redknapp tipped Jamie carragher to one day become the manager of England after the FA offered to fast-track him, so another former Liverpool colleague, El Hadj Diouf, launched a blistering personal attack on the Anfield veteran.

Diouf, now at Blackburn, has gained himself an unsavoury reputation as a player that the fans love to hate thanks to his sulky demeanour and habit of spitting at anyone who gets too close to him.

Perhaps fearing that Manchester City's stroppy Italian Mario Balotelli was about to steal his crown as the least popular player in the Premier League, Diouf has now declared war on an Anfield legend.

Two years after Carragher criticised him in his autobiography Diouf laid into the defender, describing him as "nothing" and likening him to some condiments.

The Senegalese international told the Sun: "If Liverpool had 10 players like Carragher, then they would never win anything.

"Carragher, for me, is nothing. He's like ketchup or mustard to a normal person, not important. I played for Liverpool for two years and Carragher never spoke to me. That's life, some people are like that."

From there on in his criticisms became more bizarre. Carragher has a low profile compared to most Premier League stars and rarely gives interviews, but he is idolised by Liverpool fans for his approach on and off the pitch.

But Diouf commented: "Carragher is just a guy who loves to talk. But Carragher doesn't sell papers, Carragher doesn't sell shirts."

By now no doubt frothing at the mouth Diouf added: "He was jealous of me - that's why he talked about me. Because when I came to Liverpool I earned more than him and I was a bigger name than him.

"I took my country to the World Cup and to the finals of the African Nations Cup. So Carragher can't criticise me because, to me, he has done nothing with his life."

His attack comes after the FA offered to fast-track Carragher into their elite coaching programme and the body's new chairman-elect David Bernstein backed calls for an English manager to succeed Fabio Capello in 2012.

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