Friendly dog pitch invasion halts Galatasaray match - video

Dog pitch invasion

The bouncy duo burst onto the pitch and played with stars before being carried off

LAST UPDATED AT 14:40 ON Wed 16 Jan 2013

TWO CUTE dogs gave a new meaning to the words friendly match when they launched a pitch invasion during a game between Turkish giants Galatasaray and German side Aalen at the weekend.

The pair of young-looking pups burst onto the pitch early in the second half and immediately brought proceeding to a halt. They began by tussling over a plastic bag, but soon turned their attention to the players, some of who seemed delighted to meet the canine interlopers.

The dogs bounded up to several of the stars and were given a pat and a tickle behind the ears, before security guards managed to gather up the strays and carry them off the field.

The invasion proved to the the highlight of the match, organised to keep the players fit during the winter break, which ended 1-0 to Aalen.

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Better change 'Greek' to 'Turkish' before anyone from that area sees it. They don't tend to like those kind of mix-ups ;-)

Galatasaray are a Turkish team, not Greek!

and also shouldn't it be 'whom' not 'who'?

Quite right... a silly mistake... Apologies

When it said dogs on pitch I thought their WAGS had run on!

Stray labrador dogs you say?! Are you sure they are stray, they look quite healthy. It's a logical deduction I guess, where else would they come from, but I dunno

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