Rodgers in crisis? Humiliated Liverpool lose at Anfield again

Nov 1, 2012

Liverpool boss blames 'thin' squad, but he has now lost four out of ten at home

LIVERPOOL'S dismal season shows no signs of improving after they were forced to relinquish the one piece of silverware they currently hold, the League Cup, after being knocked out of the competition by manager Brendan Rodgers' old club, Swansea.

It was a galling experience for Rodgers, who was presiding over yet another home defeat. And with a competitive record at Anfield that now reads played ten, won three, drawn three, lost four the Reds boss knows that he is lurching towards a crisis and cannot expect the fans to remain loyal unless results improve.

Once again Liverpool were forced to rely on their two most established stars Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez, who both entered the fray at half time. But they could not mask the failings of others as Liverpool slumped to a 3-1 defeat.

"Joe Cole failed to impress after being given a rare start, while Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson both struggled on a night to forget for Liverpool," said the BBC.

"Rodgers has had to ride some punches since becoming Liverpool manager but none has caused as much pain as the blow his former employers inflicted here. Stood on the touchline, hands stuffed in his pockets, Rodgers had to endure wounding chants from the Swansea fans who once idolised him," said the Daily Mail.

"While Rodgers reflected on the obvious shortcomings in the Liverpool squad, one that cannot cope without Luis Suárez and Steven Gerrard for even 45 minutes, Swansea revelled in his misery," reported The Guardian.

"All [Rodgers] could do was acknowledge that his defence of the trophy that Liverpool won under Kenny Dalglish last season had deservedly been brought to an end by his former club while also accepting that the scale of the job he has taken on is becoming increasingly apparent," reflected The Times.

After the game Rodgers bemoaned his "very thin squad", but wesbite Here Is The City suggested that he was "clutching at straws". It pointed out: "Rodgers has previously praised the young and inexperienced players for producing this high standard of football. Now... he is blaming the squad for being thin which seems a little contradictory."

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Get a grip, humiliated, we are talking about a reserve team losing in the Capital One Cup.

Must be a slow news day.

It's November and the team have won two league matches. By God you're easily satisfied.

"Rodgers has previously praised the young and inexperienced players for producing this high standard of football. Now... he is blaming the squad for being thin which seems a little contradictory."

Er, no it doesn't. It means that even though Brendan has praised his youngsters for performing above expectations the squad is still thin. Pathetic, lazy, incorrect journalism

I don't think for a nanosecond he would ever have the success he had at Swansea. Nowhere on earth. Shouldn't of left us in the lurch.
What goes around comes around. Now why don't Liverpool try and poach Laudrup. Pmsl

If it carries on, Rafa will be back by Christmas.

Heavens Rogers talks a good game but our midfield at times resembles a colander or sieve when teams counter attack.

And how you can let so many players go and then say your squad is thin. Last guy to let so many go like that was Souness. Do the maths!!

Rodgers won't be truly content until he has all of the Swansea squad. But then why would you leave the club in the first place? He could call the team liver swans. Just a thought

Piss poor journalism

I'm very satisfied with where we are going. After some of the disasterous decisions over the last several years, someone has to put it right, it's good to see it being done the right way.

If for a second you believe we should be challenging for a CL spot this or probably even next year, you clearly haven't been paying attention.

So you would rather we still had Cole, Adam, Aquilani and Aurelio at the club, taking their wages for next to no output.

I'd rather we invested in Yesil, Assaidi and Allen. Players that are hungry, will improve and have to fight for a place in the side, (just like it should be)

Thin squad? recall Jan Molby...........

So you were left in the lurch, leaving a sinking ship would be consdered leaving you in the lurch, is that what you see Swansea as?

Thin Squad - bloated wages

This is some of the most bizarre writing/reporting I've ever encountered. It smacks of bitter, rival supporter. The defeat was disappointing but that's that! What you're writing is what one might expect from a schizophrenic punter who, in that exact moment, lost his home in a bet or similar.

You'd be surprised just how buoyant support is at Liverpool, no matter how hard the media try lol

Couldn't agree more. Now that we have stopped making Andy Carroll sized mistakes, it might get through to other clubs you can't take us for a ride any more, so painful though it might be in the short term, getting ripped off for Dempsey or Sigardsson would not have made sense, let Spurs try to keep them all happy.

Less bloated, I think you'll find. I can only think of Cole who is not worth the money (possibly Downing, though in his case it's down to limited ability and not desire as appears to be the case with Cole)

Our last league game was October 28th and were it not for a freakish linesman, it would have been a very memorable away victory.

Do you bend stats as negatively as possible about your family member's too, to get what you rightfully deserve out of them?

Oh hang on, you 'chose' to support LFC and they've let you down. diddums. At which point will you jump ship?

Agree completely Dale, Rodgers inherited a mess, and had little or no money to put it right...we will see who be brings in over the next 2 transfer windows...The only thing I would question at the club now though is who was the clumsy fool who let Carroll go before they had a replacement in!! these directors of football/transfers are paid big money so to make that elementary mistake is a disgrace...

Imagine someone with Badger's attitude having to endure the 6 years without a trophy in the late 60s when Shankly was manager.

That team was thrown together any how! Bringing in Cole and playing Henderson at RB was a waste of time especially after Allen's performance who look like he could have done with a rest, poor little Yesil thrown in up front by himself with no support. None of the first team defenders played (7 players rested) Sahin and Suso rested . The reserve players didn't take their chance but it was the reserves and after the abuse KK received for winning this trophy I am not surprised Rodgers played the reserves!

Oh so he played the reserves to lose then?? Another petulant supporter here. Always playing the blame game. Outplayed and outclassed they were,so face facts.
They were dreadful and deep down you know it

The trouble with our squad is that our 2nd Team is not even as strong as Swansea's 4th Team. We need to get with it and have a squad that can field 3 STRONG line ups.
No team is scared to come to Anfield anymore.
For them, it is like taking "Candy from a Baby".

Facts are facts, the whole of our defence had the night off. Gerrard, Suarez and Ste3rling didn't start, what does that tell you about our prioritisation?? Work it out Einstein.

By the way good luck in the cup, I really mean that, I love the way Swans play the game, it's going to be great watching us doing it with better players in a year or two.

I jumped ship years ago mate! My team is currently four points clear of their league and haven't lost for 49 matches. Liverpool have let everybody down - especially themselves. How many times are LFC fans going to whine about bad decisions? Are you aware you have made yourselves into a national joke?

I saw my first game in November '66 so I did endure it. It wasn't hard to endure because we had players like Hunt, St John, Thompson, Smith, Hughes etc. Brilliant every one. Now LFC have the likes of Henderson. You can endure things when you are being entertained by stars - not when you're being bored by total mediocrities. Now you look kind of dumb, don't you?

In a year or two. The mantra of LFC fans. But it never seems to happen, does it?

Isn't Cole still at the club? Who was that rotund guy running with the speed of a geriatric? By the way, how many goals have Yesil, Assaidi and Allen managed so far? Perhaps better wait a while before you paint them as world beaters.

But like you mentioned elsewhere, you're a glory hunter, and that, old fruit, is awfully shallow. You split when things aren't going your way...I'm embarrassed for you. Me look dumb? I don't mind if someone like you thinks that at all lol

Glory hunters are a galactic joke. God bless you. What team will you move on to if they lose a game? lol

If I was a glory hunter I would support Barcelona. After all, I live there so it would be pretty easy to do it. The fact I don't support them makes your accusation look rather feeble, doesn't it?

No, you said I was a glory hunter. I just corrected you on that point. You seem to require a lot of correction, actually. But at least you can write English reasonably well, which puts you several notches above many LFC fans. Just a pity you can't also read the writing on the wall. ( Odd use of 'old fruit'. Are you an ex-public school chap by any chance? )

"It would be pretty easy to do", oh dear...

You haven't corrected anything, you've simply compounded your status.

Whatever "the writing on the wall" is I'm happy to go wherever that takes us. Just the one club for me.

Just the one for me too. Beautiful city, gorgeous food, delightful new stadium, team with lots of great players, terrific fighting spirit, huge fan base...Oh, wait a minute. Perhaps I'm being insensitive? Nothing could have been further from my mind, of course.
The writing on the wall? Well, today is November 2nd and LFC have won two league games, that's all I meant. Wonder what Bill would have thought? Still, if you're happy that's the main thing. I'm afraid I decided long ago they weren't worthy of my support.

Anybody who dares to pen an article criticising the Massive LFC = Bad Journo's
Nevxt year Liverpool, next year will be your year