Torres sours Chelsea triumph as he demands talks on future

May 21, 2012

Spanish striker says being on bench was 'biggest disapointment' of his career

FOR MOST people connected with Chelsea football club, memories of Saturday night in Munich will be among the happiest they have. But not for sulky Spaniard Fernando Torres.

Incredibly, he described Saturday as "biggest disappointment in my life", a comment that could well spell the end of his troubled time at Stamford Bridge, particularly after he compounded that by demanding showdown talks to decide if it was "worth" staying at the club.

He was happy to kiss the trophy and enjoy the adulation of Blues fans during the open-top bus parade through west London on Sunday, but he made his real feelings known about his time at Chelsea in an interview with Spanish journalist Guillem Balague.

In the conversation, just after the final, he appeared to take a swipe at the tactics of Roberto Di Matteo and cast doubt on his future as a Chelsea player, claiming the club had not treated him in the way he had expected.

Torres, who only came on in the 84th minute of the game, told Balague that his emotions were "contradictory" and explained:" I've had to spend the final on the bench.

"It was a huge disappointment when I saw the line-up, perhaps the biggest disappointment in my life."

He added: "I don't think we did the right thing settling for 0-0... today we didn't attack."

Torres then complained that Chelsea had treated him "in a way that I didn't expect, not in the way that was spoken of when they signed me... A victory like this one against Munich does compensate, but I want them to tell me what is going to happen in the future.

"I've been through a difficult time. The worst in my career. And I don't want to go through it again."

Asked what would happen now Torres said he wanted he wanted to discuss his future and his role at the club, and afer that he said he would "judge whether it is worth it".

Amid the celebrations, Chelsea may also be wondering if Torres is worth it.

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Congrats to Chelsea. This Champions League victory goes to
show that it does not matter how well you play this game, the ability to score
is crucial. The fact of the matter is that Chelsea had the luck of a
reincarnated cat. Against Barcelona, Messi, the best player in the World missed
a penalty that perhaps would have made a significant difference in the game. In
the final, the most un-assured player for Bayern missed a penalty.
Why Robben,
the most predictable player in the side was allowed to take this crucial
penalty is beyond the understanding of the majority of Bayern fans, especially since
he had missed a decisive penalty earlier in the season.  In fact, the leading role up front given to
Robben shows that Bayern is not one of the top teams in Europe. Everything
Robben does is predictable and telegraphed and will clumsily go down when he
loses the ball. Perhaps for this reason alone, Chelsea deservedly won the game.

this is lazy piece of journalism.  Torres never made those remarks if you actually read the transcript of his interview.  He was dissapointed but it was made worth it because they won in the end.