Chris Kamara Euro 2012 England song gets FA backing

May 16, 2012

Sky pundit's charity tune 'Sing 4 England' gets official stamp - but is the video good enough?


WHILE ENGLAND fans were frantically refreshing the FA's website this afternoon to discover which players were going to Euro 2012, another equally important selection had already been made by the powers that be: the choice for England's official song.

Last Friday, the FA announced that Chris Kamara's charity song Sing 4 England had got its backing for the team's Euro 2012 anthem. The Sky Sports pundit certainly has high hopes for the song, which he says has the ability to "inspire England to win their first major trophy since 1966". But does it really cut the mustard?

Given the success of England's previous Euro choices, Kamara shouldn't be hampered by the weight of expectation. Since the runaway 1996 hit Three Lions - so popular it was rerecorded for the 1998 World Cup - England have been associated with a series of flops. In 2000, Fat Les's reworking of Jerusalem peaked at number 10 in the charts. The Farm's All Together Now fared little better in 2004, just entering the top five that summer and soon returning to obscurity. It must have seemed like blessed relief when four years later Steve McLaren's England failed to qualify.

Kamara's venture ploughs a similar furrow. The music video contains the obligatory patriotic fans and St George's flags, as well as a healthy dose of attempted humour. The Sky pundit also gets the chance to show off his famous fashion sense – swapping between a black shirt and a white suit with red tie – while the footage also features a 'funny man' who seems to follow Kamara everywhere he goes.

There seems little doubt that the song won't win a Brit anytime soon, but it should raise a lot of money for Marie Curie Cancer Care. And, at the very least, it's gone one better than a rival England song by Marcus Day - two of the three players mentioned at the start of his Euro 2012 song have failed to make the squad.

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Good song but just listen to that Marcus day and its allot better!

really like kammy's song ,its got the feel good factor and is upbeat and for me does everything you want a footie song to do ,and he can actually sing pretty well!

Perfect footie song. Kammy's a star!

Pretty good i'd say. No idea Kammy could sing like that!

A good footie song needs to be sung on the terraces and this one fits the bill. Like the song more than the video!

Its good to hear some new England tunes this and Marcus Day one all the way!!! 

Very catchy, really good football song - very rousing!

not a bad effort didnt know Kammy could sing!! get in, im liking that Bangers and Mash one to!! two good songs this year, kets hope thats a good omen for our team performance !


heres another option

A Town called Kiev (to the music of The Jam ’A Town Called Malice’)Better start dreaming of another win... Cos it the one we’ll never forgetAnd we can quit running for that first bus home cos the rosy days are back And stop criticising us for the games we’ve never wonCos time is short and we have just wonit for us to have funin a town called Kiev.Row and rows of St George flagsflying high in Trafalgar squareAnd a million happy faces clutch beer bottles to their heartsHanging out of every windowto spot the boys in fullIt's enough to make you start believing when cheers come fast and furiousIn a town called Kiev.Oh oh yerStruggle after struggle - year after yearThis atmosphere‘s a joy to beholdand I'm almost drunk and stoned In a town called KievOh oh yerThe whole countries belief in Young and Gerrard todon’t get dashed against the restIts either sing for joy or cry with prideAs they win for me and youin a town called KievOh oh yerThe ghosts of the past echoes down my streetWith the memories of past gamesThe lost to Germany in 96 Lost tears in the breeze I could go on for hours and I probably will -but they have just put some joy backin this town called Kiev.Oh oh yer

To be honest, it's not too bad. It was alright but I can't see it winning over England fans anytime soon and will fade into obscruity soon enough. But hey, it was better than Dizzy Rascal and James Corden's 2010 effort. That was a joke! Brought back bad memories of Ant and Dec's 2002 World Cup song.

I think the thing is in the past twenty years that World in Motion (1990 World Cup) and Three Lions (1996 Euros) were so good at the time, the bar has been raised and nothing has come close to them since.  I can remember official WC songs in the 80s with just the England team singing them, 1982 was decent but not memorable while England 1986 song "World at our Feet" was dreadful. Made me cringe anytime I heard it.

I cannot remember there being a song for England at Euro until 1996, don't think we had one for 80, 88 or 92 but tell me if i'm wrong.

At least with 2012's song it's for charity, so you're doing a good cause when you're buying it. And where is Fat Les and Embrace these days? Goes to show how well their songs when down with England fans.

(By the Way, The Farm (2004) was an direct re-issue of an old 1990 song, originally to do with remembrance. I don't know what we were thinking if our official song is a direct re-issue of an old song).