Andy Carroll insists he scored Liverpool’s disallowed FA Cup goal

May 6, 2012

Petr Cech calls for goal-line technology after Chelsea’s second brush with controversy in a month

GOAL-LINE technology lobbyists have received a boost thanks to the most interesting FA Cup incident in years during Chelsea’s 2-1 victory against Liverpool at Wembley yesterday.

Liverpool substitute Andy Carroll led a fightback after the Merseysiders found themselves 2-0 down just after the half-time break. Carroll slotted the ball home at 64 minutes and, after a period of intense pressure on Chelsea, thought he had equalised with eight minutes to go.

Carroll’s head connected with a Luis Suarez cross. Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech deflected the ball against the crossbar. Referee Phil Dowd waved ‘play on’ and his assistant referee agreed, despite protests from an incandescent Suarez.

Video replays (/see below/) were inconclusive. But after the match, The Sunday Telegraph reports, Carroll insisted that he had scored an equaliser and the match should have gone to extra time.

“I thought it was over the line. I thought it was in,” said Carroll. “I thought it came off the other side of the bar, which means it is in.”

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish refused to criticise Dowd, but said: “It seems some people would have given it and some people would not have. I thought it was in.”

Cech, unsurprisingly, was adamant he had saved the disallowed goal. “If the ball was behind the line I wouldn’t have been able to put it outside," he said. "I’m sure it was not behind the line. I’m 100 per cent persuaded it was not in.”

But the goalie who has benefitted twice from controversial decisions this season (during their FA Cup semi-final against Spurs in April, a Juan Mata goal that clearly never crossed the line was awarded to Chelsea) revealed himself to be a fan of goal-line technology, nonetheless.

“Football is the only sport at the highest level that doesn’t have help,” he said. “It should have started ages ago. We have been saying it for ten years.”

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once again chelski cheat there way to victory!!

im a arsenal fan but they didnt cheat if anything you blame the ref cant blame chelsea for that infortunatly