Ashley Young diving row goes global thanks to NMA video

Ashley Young

A comedy cartoon of the Manchester United winger learning to dive has gone viral on YouTube

LAST UPDATED AT 15:50 ON Wed 18 Apr 2012

NEWS of Ashley Young's alleged appetite for diving has spread to the other side of the world. Taiwanese agency NMA, famed for their comedy topical cartoons, posted a video of the Manchester United player - and portrayed him as a swimmer in trunks and goggles.

The cartoon montage riffs on the controversy surrounding Young, who has allegedly dived twice in the last week to win penalties against QPR and Aston Villa.  

An animated Young is shown in the clip falling theatrically to the ground whenever a player comes into sight and writhing on the ground in pain.

Referees grade his performance, awarding 9.9 out of ten before giving the winger a penalty.

Even Alex Ferguson, who was less generous in his appraisal of Young's "overdone" footwork against Villa on Monday, may be heartened to see the effort his cartoon namesake puts into perfecting the dives.

In one scene, while his teammates practise their kick-ups on the pitch, Young, poised on a diving board, leaps off into the air in a pirouette. In another scene, he trips over his own feet and hits the deck.

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Haha..this is so funny and true.

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