DJ Campbell arrested in match-fixing probe

DJ Campbell

Championship striker is one of six held after investigation reveals how 'easy' it is to influence events during a match

LAST UPDATED AT 12:58 ON Mon 9 Dec 2013

FORMER Premier League footballer DJ Campbell has been arrested after an investigation into match-fixing, The Sun reports.
The 32-year-old Blackburn striker is one of six men held by the National Crime Agency (NCA), as it investigates allegations that illegal betting syndicates - that include British footballers - have fixed UK matches.
It comes after a four-month undercover investigation by The Sun on Sunday revealed how one fixer - former Portsmouth player Sam Sodje - bragged how "easy" it is to influence events during a game.
In footage filmed secretly during a meeting with reporters, Sodje claimed that in a recent Championship match, he had arranged for a player to earn a yellow card in return for £30,000 in cash.
He said: "This guy came to meet me at my house and it was sorted. That's how easy it is - it's nothing.'
Sodje also described how he'd once punched another player during a League One match to receive a red card in return for £70,000 and even admitted that he could fix Premier League matches, although it would require "a lot" more money, given the higher risk.
A spokesman from the National Crime Agency said: "We can confirm that The Sun has supplied us with intelligence and an investigation is ongoing."
Last month six men, including former Premier League striker Delroy Facey, were arrested following a similar investigation by the Daily Telegraph, which claimed that match-fixers from Asia were targeting British football. · 

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