FA charges Alex Ferguson over bias accusation against referee

Jan 30, 2013
Bill Mann

Another touchline ban looms as Simon Beck is latest ref to leave Man Utd boss fuming

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ALEX FERGUSON is facing a heavy fine and a touchline ban after being charged by the Football Association with falsely accusing a match referee of bias.. The charge stems from United's Premier League clash against Tottenham at White Hart Lane on January 20, a game that ended 1-1 after a late Spurs equaliser.

A furious Ferguson claimed in a post-match interview that a "clear" penalty had not been awarded to his side after Steven Caulker tackle on Wayne Rooney. Referring to referee Simon Beck, Ferguson fumed: "He was 10, maybe 12 yards away from the incident and he doesn't give it. And yet he gave everything else."

Ferguson then explained that it wasn't the first time Beck had failed to fall into line, highlighting a game against Chelsea in April 2010 when Blues striker Didier Drogba scored the winning goal from what looked to be an offside position.

"I am disappointed with him [Beck], we have not had a good record with him… there was no way we were going to get a decision," Ferguson said. "With Chelsea a couple of years back, he gave onside to Didier Drogba and he was three yards offside. You remember these things because it is in important games and that was an important game."

The FA confirmed yesterday evening that it had charged Ferguson. "It is alleged the Manchester United manager breached FA Rule E3 in that he implied that the match official was motivated by bias. Ferguson has until 4pm on Friday 1 February 2013 to respond to the charge."

According to The Guardian, it is "unlikely" Ferguson will not contest the charges. He has already written to the FA to explain his comments, and when asked last week about any further repercussions, he replied: "That is what I have put in my letter exactly. But you never know the FA. We are high-profile and the profile of me is such that the FA naturally panic as soon as the press criticise them. I think that is what you will find… I just think it is more about me than what I have said."

It's not the first time that Fergie has had his collar felt by the FA. In 2009 he was charged with improper conduct after claiming referee Alan Wiley was not fit enough to carry out his duties, and in March 2011 he was slapped with a five-game touchline ban and a £30,000 fine when he questioned the impartiality of referee Martin Atkinson after United's defeat to Chelsea. "It was a major game, you want a fair referee - or a strong referee, anyway - and we didn't get that," raged Ferguson.

Say what you like about the 71-year-old Ferguson, but he's certainly not growing old gracefully.

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I am definitely not a fan of the gum chewing Alex Fergusson, and I cannot comment on the game in question as I did not see it, but football referees make the most outrageous decisions and get away with them. I am amazed that despite the hooliganism in football they as a group have sacred cow status. They are treated as infallible superhumans and this they decidely ARE NOT! Fergusson might well have legitimate grounds for complaint.

According to Fergie there are no fair refs in the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are all bias he should know better than to perform the way he does if a decission does not go the way HE saw it

I agree but if you are going to complain do it through the right channels . Dont act like a spoilt child ranting and raving on the sideline He of all people should know better