Time already running out for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at Cardiff

Feb 25, 2014

Fears grow that the Norwegian might not be the man for the job after one win in seven

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OLE GUNNAR SOLSKJAER could become the next managerial casualty of another bloody Premier League seasons, with doubts growing over his future as Cardiff manager just weeks after he was parachuted into the Welsh capital as replacement for Malky Mackay.
Saturday's 4-0 defeat at the hands of Hull City leaves his side in 20th place, one point off the bottom and three points from safety. And with only 11 games to go there are said to be concerns about Solskjaer's ability to keep Cardiff in the top flight.
So far he has managed one win, over Norwich, and one draw, with Aston Villa, in seven league matches.
As a result, the Norwegian's position is under scrutiny, reports The Times. "The club's hierarchy is also thought to be growing increasingly concerned that Solskjaer, in his first season as a manager outside his native Norway, may not be capable of turning around the slump. It is believed the possibility of replacing the 40-year-old has been floated privately, but no action is expected imminently."
The result against Hull prompted the cancellation of a warm-weather training trip to Abu Dhabi, and it is unclear whether the decision came from Solksjaer or the boardroom.
The former Manchester United striker is now second favourite to become the next Premier League boss to get the chop, according to The Sack Race website. "Poor results along with [owner] Vincent Tan's unpredictable and short-tempered nature means Solskjaer is already feeling the pressure," it explains.
Defeat at home to bottom-club Fulham, who are now on their third manager of the season, in two weeks time could seal his fate, says the website.
However, Solskjaer is unlikely to go without a fight. The Daily Mirror reports that he took "paint off the walls" as he gave his side a furious dressing down on Saturday.
"Solskjaer shed his baby-faced image to shock the players and club's hierarchy with the way he tore into the squad," says the paper, which adds that the club are "sympathetic" to his situation and will give him time.

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Malky is really the villian of the piece. With the money at his disposal, he blew a sizeable chunk of it on a dud of a striker, the position that Cardiff needed strengthening the most! He could've bought Drogba, Remy, heck even RVP, for Christ's sake with the £50 million that he spent!

Then Malky had to pick a fight he couldn't win, against the owner, using the media to fight his case. C'mon a manager who's so indelicate as to ban the owner from the dressing room, must be thick and self destructive beyond belief! He must be dumb as a drum as far as social skills and human relations go!

In truth, Solksjaer has been left to carry the can of the roiling cauldron that Malky left behind - due to Malky's blind intransigence and proclivity for stirring the pot. I predict that no owner in his right mind would ever want to touch Malky with a barge pole.

Now, to beat the drop, Solksjaer has to pick his team based on one quality and one quality only - every single one of the players he pick MUST BE A BATTLER, A WARRIOR no less! The Bellamy's, the Mutch's, the Medel's, the Caulker's. Much like how you'd pick a cup team, a team capable of shocking even much more vaunted opponents. We appreciate what Solksjaer is trying to do but a relegation struggle is no time to be cute, to experiment or to play pretty football!

That is how teams who have beaten the drop in the past had done it. That's how West Ham is doing it successfully this season! That's how Norwich beat Tottenham Hotspurs! That's how Hull City beat them, especially with a battling performance and ruthless counter attacks! They pick cup teams, for every match in a relegation fight is like a cup game! They battle so hard and press so much that the top 6 teams hate playing them, for they know that battlers can shock even them! That accounts for the frequent shocks in cup games where even a Lower division team can beat the big guns!

Luxury players, dribblers and highly skilled players like Zaha, Campbell and Noone should be unleashed only in the last half hour for them to replace 2 or 3 battlers who've worked themselves into the ground - they are far more effective when the opposing team is knackered...they give Cardiff the chance to get sensational results, just as you did OGS as a supersub! That's why SAF unleashed you only in the last half hour of matches - it gave you an unfair advantage against the fast tiring opposing defenders!

In the last 2 games, once Plan A did not work out, Cardiff was left exposed as they did not have strength in depth on the bench!

Fabio is a battler but he has lost confidence as a right back so OGS should consider converting him to attacking midfielder. With Mutch injured, that's an option as he put in a decent shift in that position in the Champions League for United when played there by SAF.