Man Utd used 'political power' to stop Liverpool claims Suarez

Jul 18, 2012

Uruguayan striker reopens row with Evra as he says handshake furore was 'arranged'

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LIVERPOOL striker Luis Suarez has reopened the Patrice Evra race row by accusing Manchester United of using their "political power" to get him banned, and claiming that the row over his handshake with Evra was "arranged".

However, the Uruguayan, who will lead his side at Old Trafford in the Olympics later this month, believes Manchester United still respect him.

He made the incendiary comments during an interview on Uruguayan TV and lifted the lid on his emotions during the FA disciplinary hearing that ended with an eight-game ban.

"It was so hard what happened to me," he said, according to the Liverpool Echo. "I don't show my emotions in the field, but I cried a lot with all the Evra stuff.

"People at the club are sure that it was a way that Manchester United used to put me out of the team and stop Liverpool," he added.

Asked about the furore over the handshake-that-never-was when United and Liverpool met for the first time after his ban Suarez said he "had no problems" with the idea of meeting Evra and said: "I think it was all arranged against me again, as happened with the punishment."

He insisted that the scuffle that broke out when the two men came face to face was caused because Evra dropped his hand. "The media in England showed the moment when I passed in front of him, but they didn't see that he had his hand low before. Only the media in Uruguay but also in Spain showed that I wanted to shake his hand."

Suarez also claimed that "in England, Manchester United has this political power, and you have to respect that and shut your mouth."

In The Daily Telegraph's account of the interview Suarez also claimed: "Man United fans respect me," and said that being asked to pose for a picture by a United fan was proof of that.

"The Liverpool manager, Brendan Rodgers, is aware of the comments made in the interview but is unlikely to take any further action," says the Echo.

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people, learn spanish and watch the original. this UK media is a joke. he never said the handshake was arranged. he said the reporting on it was a circus to make him look bad, when clearly other angles show evra in mad light. he also reported on the fact that liverpool wasnt allowed to talk during the evra scandal, kuyt had his interview changed and others were silenced, meanwhile fergie and others talked all they wanted. disgrace.