Terry defence 'improbable, implausible, contrived' says FA

Oct 5, 2012

Disciplinary panel dismisses Chelsea defender's account of row with Anton Ferdinand

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JOHN TERRY has been given a further slap in the face by the FA after it described his defence in the Anton Ferdinand racism case as "improbable, implausible and contrived".

The Chelsea captain was banned for four matches last month after being found guilty of racially abusing the QPR defender during a match last year by an independent disciplinary commission.

Terry admitted he had shouted the words "f***ing black c***" as he traded insults with Ferdinand during the match, but insisted he was only repeating the phrase after his opponent had used it and accused him of racial abuse.

However, in its 63-page report the FA disciplinary panel explained why it had banned Terry for four matches and fined him £220,000 for using racist language and said there was "no credible basis" for his claim. "We are quite satisfied, and find on the balance of probabilities, that the offending words were said by way of insult," it said, according to the BBC.

The panel added: "There are then further aspects of Mr Terry's defence that the Commission finds improbable, implausible and contrived, and which serve to underline and reinforce our decision.

"A much more plausible and likely explanation is that Mr Terry was angry; angry at Mr Ferdinand's taunting and provocation of him, angry at the way the match had gone, and angry at the way in which it seemed likely to end.

Earlier this year Terry was cleared of racially abusing Ferdinand in a court case, however, the burden of proof in a criminal case is "beyond reasonable doubt" while the FA panel only had to decide if he was guilty on the "balance of probabilities".

During the court case the magistrates raised doubts about Terry's version of events, but were unable to say for sure that his story was wrong even though it sounded unlikely.

However, the FA panel did stress that it did not believe that the Chelsea defender was prejudiced. "It is accepted by everyone involved in the criminal and disciplinary proceedings that Mr Terry is not a racist," it added.

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"However, the FA panel did stress that it did not believe that the Chelsea defender was prejudiced...that Mr Terry is not racist." Shocker! Talk about sending mixed signals, how is he going to get treatment for his jaundiced view if the FA are shielding him?....If you insult someone using racist language what does that make you?

"If you insult someone using racist language what does that make you?"
John Terry

The FA came to exactly the same conclusion as thelegal case the only difference being that the civil case requires a lower burden of proof.
As for the view that he is not racist - this bizarre assumption that you have to be caught abusing somebody on a regular basis to be a racist.
According to the OED a racist is sombody who discriminates against or shows hostility towards other races - it doesn't specify how many times this has to happen.