Spurs split as Andre Villas-Boas tipped to become manager

Jun 18, 2012

Players and fans wary of AVB after Chelsea fiasco, Capello uninterested in job

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AFTER missing out on the Liverpool job, former Chelsea coach Andre Villas-Boas has emerged as the early front-runner for the manager's position at Spurs. But he may face a hard time winning over sceptical players and fans at White Hart Lane.

"Tottenham hope to interview Villas-Boas later this week after discussions with his agent," reports The Times. "But his appointment may not be well received in the dressing room among players who have spoken to their Chelsea counterparts."

The prospect of employing AVB has also caused debate among the fans. Many, including those at Spurs blog The Fighting Cock, were supportive of the idea of hiring the Portuguese. But underneath an article in favour of AVB one supporter promised to hand in his season ticket if he was appointed and compared him to the "second coming" of the much-ridiculed Christian Gross.

However, the early favourite for the post, Everton boss David Moyes, now appears unlikely to head south. He said he had not heard from the London club and the BBC reported: "Moyes has admirers at White Hart Lane but there are concerns that the 49-year-old Scot may not fit the mould of the modern and perhaps continental coach Spurs have discussed."

Another contender for the post was thought to be Fabio Capello, but it now seems unlikely that the former England manager will take over. "The Tottenham job would appear to have fitted Capello's criteria for an ambitious club seeking to win trophies, but it is understood the Italian had concerns about the wages on offer and whether the club really wanted to recruit him," notes the Times.

The Daily Telegraph reports that chairman Daniel Levy wants to install a director of football and is eager to ensure that coach Tim Sherwood, who has stayed on at the club despite the departure of Harry Redknapp, has a prominent role in the new set-up.

The paper also claims that France coach Laurent Blanc has thrown his hat into the ring, but says that Villas-Boas and former Schalke 04 boss, German Ralf Ragnick are the two main favourites.

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The Fighting Cock article you have linked to is overwhelmingly positive about the prospect of AVB being appointed as manager. I know there appears to be a widespread smear campaign against him underway for whatever reason in the mainstream press but completely distorting opinion with inaccurate representations of views is really scraping the gutter. Amend this farce and non-entity of a piece as quickly as possible. It is important 'facts' not media agendas are represented. Here you have inferred that Spurs fans are up in arms over the prospect of AVB when in reality there has been far more positive rection than bad and certainly more positive than for Moyes or any of the other 'alleged' candidates. Only Pep Guardiola would be universally welcomed with open arms and this kind of deliberately skewed media agenda of revenge for 'ol Arry' boy is wearing thin already. And we haven't even appointed anyone yet.

Agree with the pervious comment. The article that appears on The Fighting Cock is pro-AVB despite the paragraph the link appears him suggests that the tone of the linked article would be negative.

When are you silly people going to write something positive about Spurs? It's as if the club is a start up club instead of an established institution some 127 years in existance situated in the same borough t/o that time unlike our neighbours. With regards to Spurs fans being up in arms should AVB be appointed is laughable to put it mildly. He has far more going for him than the previous manager who has only ever managed one piece of silverware throughout his entire 33 years as a manager. AVB has excellent credentials, may I remind you that he won the Portuguese league, going through the entire season without losing a game. On top of that, he won the Europa League twice with the same team. I read yesterday that some idiot state that anyone can win the portuguese league. If thats ther case, may I suggest that Redcrap try and get himself over there pronto.
The players AVB brought into Porto have been some of the most sought after t/o Europe and he can be a real revelation as Spurs new boss. The old guard at Chelsea didnt give the guy a chance because they were afraid that he would have gotten rid of most of them as they are coming close to their sell by date.
To suggest that he will split the Spurs camp is bullshit.
This guy is an immense upgrade on Redcrap and the media dont like it so there trying to do what they can to cause as much disruption as they can but the media do not run Spurs thank God and Spurs fans arent as fickle as they would like us to think.