Villas-Boas could quit Spurs talks as Levy scouts rival bosses

Jun 21, 2012

Portuguese unhappy to discover he is not the only candidate for White Hart Lane hotseat

ANDRE VILLAS-BOAS has not yet been offered the job of Spurs manager but already he is threatening to walk away, after discovering that he is not the only candidate for the role.

The 34-year-old, who was sacked by Chelsea last season after just eight months in charge, has been negotiating with Tottenham about replacing Harry Redknapp, but according to The Guardian he is now threatening to pull the plug because he feels he is getting "mixed signals" from the club.

"The Portuguese has complained to associates that 'they are talking to 10 other coaches' and though that is clear exaggeration, it indicates how dismayed he is to learn that [Spurs chairman Daniel] Levy has not identified him as the sole candidate," says the paper.

Earlier in the summer AVB effectively ruled himself out of the running for the Liverpool job when he discovered he was not the first choice.

"Villas-Boas is clearly not short of ego, despite his difficult and unsuccessful spell at Stamford Bridge, and his attitude is that a man who won the Portuguese league title, the domestic cup and the Europa League in his one full season with Porto should not be messed around – as if forgetting that his stint lasting eight and a half months at Chelsea was remarkable only for its bad results and his inability to win over key players," reports the Guardian.

The Daily Mail says there are other factors that concern the Portuguese, and suggests Laurent Blanc, the France manager, could become favourite if AVB withdraws.

"The situation surrounding Luka Modric and Gareth Bale has also had an impact on Villas-Boas' desire to make a return to management in England, with the former likely to join Real Madrid in the coming months, and the latter still a target for Barcelona," adds the paper.

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Please God, he pulls out. Petulant Spoiled Brat.

The guy is obviously an idiot. What makes him think that winning the league and cup double (and UEFA cup) in Portugal is so great? Get Capello. He has won the league with every team he's managed. Very different from managing a national side

What an idiot, he was a complete and utter failure at Chelsea and one of the most unliked managers in the PL by his players, yet despite of this his ego seems to be overtaking him. He got lucky managing Porto and leading them to the treble and now he's obviously scared of a bit competition. Capello or Blanc would be a mucher sounder and thoughful choice of manager than a manager who has already failed in this league.

crikey , I thought the players egos were a big enough problem!! Just scrub him off the list, he cant manage name players and tactically hes a dunce.Trouble is I cant see anyone out there who comes anywhere near Harry but then Daniel Levy always did put himself first and the club second.Intersting Levy only intersted in "suits" that look the part and talk eloquently...We actually need a football manager who can win the league!!! Oh dear ,i forgot you just sacked him...You Numpty levy