Could Carlos Tevez go back to Manchester Utd?

Oct 6, 2011
Bill Mann

Transfer Talk: Tevez’s agent says he will be sold to Juventus or even Man Utd

COULD the argumentative Argentine Carlos Tevez be on the brink of a stunning return to Manchester United? According to his agent there is a distinct possibility that the 27-year-old striker could wind up back at Old Trafford two years after turning his back on the Red Devils for the Sky Blues.

Speaking to Italian website, Peppino Tirri said: "I really think at this point Tevez will be sold during the next market window." That in itself is no great surprise following Tevez's refusal to come off the bench last week to help out Manchester City in their Champions League tie against Bayern Munich.

But what Tirri said next was the sort of bombshell that hasn't been witnessed in Manchester since it emerged last year that Wayne Rooney paid a hotel porter £200 for a packet of fags.

Asked where Tevez might head if, as expected, he is offloaded by City in the New Year, Tirri first dismissed rumours linking his client to Inter Milan and Real Madrid and then said: "More likely is the road to Juventus which would certainly be more convenient. Do not discard the possibility that he could still stay in England and maybe return to United."

Tevez was a United player between 2007 and 2009, scoring 19 goals for them in 63 appearances, but he left in acrimonious circumstances and the prospect of a return to Old Trafford would appear at first glance to be as remote as the chances of Arsenal ever buying a decent defender. But football can be a funny game.

Talking of Arsenal... They say every man has his price, but clearly not Jack Wilshere. The injured Arsenal playmaker has used an interview with the London Evening Standard to make it clear that he won't sell out the club for 30 pieces of silver – unlike some of his former Arsenal teammates.

While Gael Clichy and Samir 'Le Judas' Nasri betrayed the Gunners in the summer to make lucrative moves to Manchester City, Wilshere says he won't be heading north, at least for the time being.

"No disrespect to Manchester City but Arsenal is the perfect home for me right now," said Wilshere. "Some players have got their price, but to be honest that's not the way I look at the game. All I think about is playing at the highest level and in the top competitions so I can measure myself against the best in the world."

Given Arsenal's shocking start to the season Wilshere – who's sidelined with an ankle until the spring – might find himself not playing at the highest level next year, though the 19-year-old England midfielder is bullish about Arsenal's prospects: "We started a bit slowly but we still feel we can finish in the top four," he said.

In other news Paris Saint-Germain are reportedly set to meet with David Beckham in the hope of luring him to the French capital. According to a report in French rag Le Parisien, PSG will offer the former England midfielder a two-year-contract as soon as his existing deal expires next month with LA Galaxy.

The club's sporting director, Leonardo, believes the 36-year-old Beckham can still cut it at the highest level and has persuaded PSG's wealthy Qatar owners to fly to Los Angeles this week and negotiate a deal. With Tottenham and QPR also hopeful of attracting him, it's reported that Goldenballs will make a final decision on his future next week.

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