Carlos Tevez set to sue Mancini for defamation

Oct 26, 2011
Bill Mann

The Argentine striker has been fined four weeks wages over his mutiny but could sue the City manager

THE CARLOS TEVEZ saga has entered new and even more acrimonious territory after the Manchester City striker was fined four weeks wages for his touchline mutiny at Bayern Munich and responded by threatening to sue Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini for defamation of character.

The player was found guilty of five counts of misconduct relating to his behaviour during the match last month at a disciplinary hearing.

Estimates of how much his fine is worth vary from paper to paper. The Daily Telegraph says that Tevez will have to pay £792,000, the BBC puts the figure at around £1m.

But what everyone is agreed upon is that the 27-year-old is now considering taking legal action against Mancini over his strident post-match comments, in which he accused Tevez of refusing to play and said he was "finished" at the club.

Tevez is set to appeal against the decision and could even take the matter to a Premier League tribunal. He does not believe that the club managed to prove that he refused to take part in the match and his advisors also believe that Mancini was guilty of defamation in the aftermath.

The disciplinary hearing into the incident heard that Tevez's attitude had become uncooperative after he was told several days before the game in Munich that he was no longer entitled to £6m of "loyalty payments" because of his consistent attempts to leave the club.

In addition to the fine, double the usual maximum allowed under football guidelines, but which the club says has been cleared with the Professional Footballers Association, Tevez has been warned about his conduct and banned for two weeks. However, the ban has already been served and he is now back at the club, but has been training alone.

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