Tevez risks further discipline after flying to Argentina

Nov 9, 2011
Bill Mann

Carlos Tevez faces another £400,000 fine after going home for a rest - without permission

JUST when it appeared to be all quiet on the Eastlands front, Carlos Tevez has opened up a new offensive against Manchester City manager Robert Mancini.

On Tuesday, it looked as if a truce might have been brokered between the two men when Tevez announced that he would not contest the misconduct charge leveled at him after he – apparently - refused to come on as a substitute during a match against Bayern Munich in September.

In accepting the charge, Tevez was also accepting a fine thought to be around £400,000 for his actions.

But as a rapprochement appeared imminent, Tevez once again defied Mancini by flying back to Argentina just 24 hours before he was scheduled to resume training with the club.

According to the Daily Mail, which carries a photograph of the striker arriving at Buenos Aires airport with his daughter yesterday, Tevez had asked City at the weekend for permission to return home for a week. The request was denied because Mancini believed he needed to work on his fitness. After making a second application for leave on Monday, which was again rejected, Tevez decided to fly off to Argentina anyway.

On his arrival in Buenos Aires, asked by reporters for the purpose of his visit, Tevez replied: "I am here to get some rest".

Yesterday was a day off for the City squad so Tevez has yet to breach the terms of his contract. But the Mail says if he's not back at the club's Carrington training ground by 10.30am today he'll find himself the subject of yet another disciplinary enquiry. And, very possibly, another £400,000 fine.

Let's hope the rest was worth it.

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