Liverpool and Uruguay furious as Fifa treat Suarez 'like a dog'

Jun 27, 2014

Anfield said to be considering legal action over Fifa's four-month club ban for World Cup incident


The fallout from Fifa's record ban imposed on Luis Suarez continues with The Times reporting that Liverpool are "considering legal action" against the game's governing body.

The Fifa punishment, a result of the Uruguayan striker biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini during Tuesday's World Cup clash, prohibits the 27-year-old Suarez from any football-related activity for the next four months and includes a nine-game international ban and a £66,000 fine.

It is the heftiest World Cup sanction ever handed down by football's governing body, and has been met with fury in Suarez's homeland.

Wilmar Valez, the Uruguayan FA president, said that "it feels like Uruguay has been thrown out of the World Cup", while a Suarez's tearful grandmother told reporters on Thursday: "It's barbaric what they've done to him". Speaking from Suarez's hometown, Salto in north-west Uruguay, Lila Piriz Da Rosa added: "Everyone knows what they've done to Luis. They wanted him out of the World Cup. Perfect, they did it. They chucked him out of there like a dog."

Several hundred fans flocked to Montevideo's Carrasco international airport to show their support for Suarez when he arrived home from Brazil, but the player avoided the chanting supporters and was smuggled out to his home in the coastal resort of Solymar, about 20 miles outside the Uruguayan capital.

While Suarez will almost certainly lodge an appeal against his suspension, the Times reports that there is "anger" on Merseyside and boardroom sources have told the paper that the club "would explore the possibility of a lawsuit against Fifa over the decision to widen Suarez's punishment to club football".

Although the club have yet to make an official statement on the ban to their star player, other than Ian Ayre, the chief executive, saying they will wait until they have read the full Fifa report on the affair, Liverpool are reportedly furious with the sanction. The Times says they "particularly unhappy that an incident that occurred during a Fifa competition, for which Suarez had been released by his club, could result in suspension at club level".

Because of his bite – the third time in four years Suarez has bitten an opponent – Liverpool will be without their leading scorer last season for their first nine Barclays Premier League matches as well as three Champions League fixtures.

Meanwhile the Daily Mail reports that Suarez's lawyer will travel to Barcelona today "to meet Liverpool officials in the city". The ban imposed by Fifa doesn't preclude the South American transferring clubs and rumours have strengthened in recent weeks linking him with Barcelona. Taking its source as Spanish radio station Cadena COPE, the Mail says that Suarez's lawyer, Alejandro Balbi, will look to open negotiations between Liverpool and the Spanish club over a possible move.

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Suarez has not been treated 'like a dog' at all. If he had, then just like a dog, he would have been put down for biting long before this latest incident. He should be thankful that he is NOT being treated like a dog.

As Suarez has clearly developed a taste for blood the only possible way thatg he should be allowed to play again is if a gumshield is required to be worn.

Treated like a dog? He's probably lucky not to be put down! Isn't that what happens to dogs that bite people, well before the third time?

Liverpool didn't exactly cover themselves with glory with the previous incident involving Suarez. I think it's really disappointing to see such a great club, with a proud pedigree, react like this. It's one thing for Uruguay to adopt such a myopic approach and unfairly criticise the English press, it's quite another for such an influential member of the Premier League to trivialise or ignore the seriousness of Suarez's assault. By all means call for other forms of physical assault on the pitch to be taken seriously, but don't try to defend the indefensible and make FIFA the offender and Suarez the victim.

Suarez's granny's analogy to a dog is faulty. Unlike Suarez, dogs often are noble, and most don't bite! As for Uruguayans and Liverpool, they should hang their heads in shame that one of theirs did what he has done, repeatedly, and now at a World Cup! His acting after the deed is what is most appalling! He should be forced to wear a mouthpiece whenever he plays again.

Anybody who defends Suarez needs a reality check,he is lucky not to be in jail,in this age of aids anybody who bites another person is total low life and he is lucky not to have his teeth knowed out in retaliation.

He did behave like a dog. He bit someone for no good reason and it's not the first time he's done it. A dog wouldn't have been given a second or third chance. I personally thought the punishment was lenient. He should have been banned for a full season.

Sorry for Liverpool, but this is the third time that Suarez bites an adversary. It's all quite clear on video, no doubt whatsoever. He is a great player, but his conduct is not really an example of chivalry and sportsmanship, is it? Maybe a good shrink can help him overcome his tendency for becoming a vampire. In the meanwhile: keep him away of the soccer field (and the necks of his collegues).

"... tearful grandmother told reporters on Thursday: "It's barbaric what they've done to him"."
Oh, and what he did was what? - perfectly civilized?
No, what HE did was barbaric.

HE BIT A FELLOW ATHLETE!!!!!(AGAIN) so it is not his fault ......I think he should of been banned for life..first offence ..mistake..second offence ...mistake..third time ban...quite right in my opinion.

Knickers ladies and gents, knickers. Two footed challenges that can break legs and end careers happen all the time and are forgotten the following day, this nibble on the shoulder should be kept in context. I am one negrito who wont miss this talented basket case but I am hardly outraged by a misplaced hickey.