Vettel brands Karthikayan an 'idiot' after Malaysia GP

Mar 26, 2012

Indian driver collided with Vettel and Jenson Button, and both finished outside the points

FERNANDO ALONSO took the plaudits after winning a rain-affected Malaysian Grand Prix, but it was back-marker Narain Karthikeyan, who drives for the HRT team, who found himself centre of attention after he put paid to the chances of last year's champion and runner up, Sebastian Vettel and Jenson Button.

Vettel was clearly furious having finished out of the points in 11th place, after he picked up a puncture in a collision with Karthikeyen while he was lapping him on the 46th lap.

He appeared to brand the Indian driver an "idiot" after the race, when he commented: "Like on normal roads, you have some idiots driving around. It seems there is also one driving here."

Karthikeyan had got off the racing line to allow Vettel to pass, but as the German overtook him he jinked back onto the line and the two cars touched.

But the HRT man insisted that he was not in the wrong, and said that he was annoyed at being forced to drive through race debris by the leading cars.

"Some of these guys when you get lapped, they just try and bully you so much, it's not fair," he said. "I won't mention names but sometimes they overtake you and they want you to go off the road."

Fortunately for Karthikeyan his other victim, Jenson Button, with whom he collided earlier in the race, was less annoyed.

They were racing for 15th place when Button tried to squeeze past the Indian and lost his front wing. Afterwards Button acknowledged it was his fault and apologised to his team.

"I can't do anything but laugh really because it was such a horrendous race," said the McLaren driver who came in 14th. "I didn't do a very good job and everything that could have gone wrong did. Just one of those afternoons."

Lewis Hamilton again finished third, but is now second in the standings behind Alonso. Button is third but Vettel is in sixth place after two races.

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will vettel DARE call button an ''idiot'' too?


Button's situation was differerent, as he was racing Karthikeyen for position at the time.  It's natural that there would be some agressive driving that can lead to some contact.  But with the Vettel incident, Karthikeyen needs to get out of the way, and stay out of the way.

Typical poor loser. A mark of a true sportsman is grace in defeat as well as victory. 

Hi Vettel !

When your chips are down, your true sportsmanship comes out with your comments like idiot on the other drivers. Have some basic manners !

Vettel's comments are from an impatient, arrogant driver. Not a champion. Wait 100m for the straight!

either way is still driving....both had their own reasons...why only accept Button's because he is British?

Vettel's ''class'' is showing. All this while he was when he is not winning his true ''colors'' are showing. He needs to respect his co drivers. He has made mistakes too.

Sebastian Vettel what a great champion to call fellow racer a idiot. What a big idiot vettel is himself. He is an idiot amongst all F1 driver.

Watching it live, all of the expert commentary laid the blame squarely on Vettel. All of last year he had clear air & nobody to race. Finding it a bit tougher in the pack....

vettel is a big idiot who cannot pass the backmarker's without a glitch.

I agree with Karthikeyan....These drivers think they can just push the backmarkers around...if there are no backmarkers..there wouldonly be 6 cars going many people would watch that??

Mr. Vettel...where is your respect and get respect. 

Vettel you are saved..Had it been happened with an Indian Cricketer , entire country might have backed Karthikeyan and you will be never ever dare to comment on an Indian player

I had a huge respect for Vettel earlier but now its all gone. This is not what champions are made of. Greats of all sports are always accompanied by humility and respect for fellow mates.I pray you never win a single race again in your lifetime, let alone a championship!!!

Are you a retard? If you watched the race you could clearly see that Narain was on the kerb while giving Vettel enough space to overtake him. But arrogant Vet here obviously wanted the whole track to himself and swooped into the racing line. He had it coming.