Grosjean crash and Hamilton tweet steal Button's thunder

Sep 3, 2012

Button wins Belgian Grand Prix, but team mate Hamilton finds himself in hot water over leaked data

JENSON BUTTON won the Belgian Grand Prix as Formula 1 returned after its summer break. But despite the British McLaren driver's exploits on the track it was Romain Grosjean and Button's team-mate Lewis Hamilton who grabbed the headlines.

Lotus driver Grosjean became the first man to be banned by the stewards since 1994 after causing a spectacular first-corner crash that took out championship leader Fernando Alonso as well as Hamilton and three other drivers.

The Lotus driver veered across the track and into Hamilton and then became airborne as his car flew over the top of Alonso's Ferrari, narrowly missing the Spanish driver's head.

Afterwards the FIA said Grojean's actions were an "extremely serious breach of the regulations, which had the potential to cause injury to others." He was banned for one race and fined £40,000.

The main beneficiary was Button, who escaped the carnage and converted pole position into victory. But, as usual, his team mate Hamilton was the centre of attention thanks to his off-track behaviour.

"As Button cruised to victory, Hamilton was left to stew on yet another weekend of controversy in a career bruised by disputes and dramas," said The Times.

Hamilton took to Twitter to express annoyance at his car's performance in qualifying and then on the day of the race posted a picture of sensitive telemetry data.

It was a "bizarre decision" said the Daily Mail. "His team were furious, and immediately demanded that he remove the offending tweet." However, the damage was done and the other teams gleefully lapped up the information.

McLaren described Hamilton's actions as an "error of judgement" and said he would not be punished. The BBC also reported that the leaked telemetry data had not done "much damage", according to McLaren technical staff.

McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh told BBC Sport that the matter was now closed, although others have claimed that Hamilton is now "at war" with the team as they discuss a new contract.

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Whoever wrote this would you please get yourself a dictionary to look up the definition of the word "carnage" so that you can see why it shouldn't be used at all, let alone twice in one sentence, in this article.

Removing one of the "carnage"'s proves you don't know what the word means!!!!!!
Carnage; noun
1. the slaughter of a great number of people, as in battle; butchery; massacre. 2. Archaic . dead bodies, as of those slain in battle.I didn't see anyone slaughtered at the first corner at Spa. Pretty sure the only injury was slight back pain for Alonso!