Raikkonen and Vettel turn air blue after Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Nov 5, 2012

David Coulthard embarrassed by bad language and a bottle of rosewater after thrilling GP

BBC PRESENTER David Coulthard will have more than one reason to remember a scintillating Abu Dhabi Grand Prix after his post-race prsentation was hi-jacked by foulmouthed drivers and a bottle of sticky rosewater.

The former McLaren driver left the confines of the commentary box to interview race winner Kimi Raikkonen, second-placed Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel, who came third, on the podium after the race

But things did not get off to a good start when he asked the notoriously taciturn Raikkonen to express his emotions after his first Formula 1 win since August 2009.

"I don't feel a lot," said the Finn. When pressed for a more heartfelt response he snapped: "The last time everyone gave me shit because I didn't smile enough. Maybe this time again. But I'm very happy for the team and myself, but mainly for the team."

Coulthard nervously brushed off the sweary response before moving on to Sebastial Vettel, who started the race from the pitlane but drove brilliantly to finish in third.

Asked about his start, the result of a penalty in qualifying, Vettel said there was "obviously a chance to f**k it up," but added that his car was "bloody quick".

A clearly embarrassed Coulthard apologised for the second outburst of bad language and said Vettel was "speaking a second language".

Vettel may have taken exception to the suggestion that his English was not up to scratch and in retaliation poured fizzy rosewater over Coulthard's head as he carried on interviewing the other drivers. The rosewater was used as a Champagne substitute as Abu Dhabi is a dry state.

The episode unfolded after a thrilling Grand Prix, which saw Raikkonen become the eighth different driver to win a race this season.

McLaren's Lewis Hamilton, who started from pole position, looked favourite to win the race but once again he was struck down by a mechanical failure after just 20 laps and the Lotus driver took over at the front of the field. And despite plenty of drama behind him, as Vettel stormed through the field to third, Raikkonen held off Alonso to win the race.

The result leaves Vettel ten points ahead of Alonso with two races left this season.

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