Red Bull 'quit threat' adds to crisis over new Formula 1 rules

Mar 25, 2014

Team owner Dietrich Mateschitz angry over Ricciardo disqualification and new F1 regulations

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

THE crisis brewing around new-look Formula 1 appears to be growing after the owner of the Red Bull and Torro Rosso teams threatened to quit the sport over the way it is run.
Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz, the 134th richest man in the world with a fortune of £5.6bn, said Red Bull's future in the F1 circus had more "to do with sportsmanship and political influence" than finance.
He told Viennese newspaper Kurier that  there was a "clear limit" to what he was prepared to accept and complained about what he called the "inappropriate politicisation" of the sport.
His comments came after Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo was disqualified from the season-opening Australian Grand Prix earlier this month over new fuel regulations. Red Bull are appealing against the decision.
The reason for his displeasure is not difficult to work out. "It is thought Mateschitz has not taken too kindly to the term 'cheating' being used in association with his drinks company," says the Daily Telegraph.
He is also unimpressed by the new rules governing F1 this season. Not only is fuel consumption now tightly regulated, the new V6 engines have annoyed many in the sport, including commercial boss Bernie Ecclestone, who believe they are too quiet.
"F1 is not there to set new records in fuel consumption, nor to make it possible to have a whispered conversation during a race," said Mateschitz.
But could his displeasure have more to do with the way his team has responded to the new landscape?

"Red Bull's four-year dominance of F1 has been ended by the new formula, which has lessened the effect of aerodynamics - in which the team excelled - and brought back engine performance as a differentiator," explains Andrew Benson of the BBC. "Red Bull's engine partner, Renault, is significantly behind Mercedes in both outright power and fuel efficiency."
Possibly not, according to Chris Balfe of "While some might see his threat of withdrawal from the sport as the actions of a poor loser, many will concur with his thoughts on the direction in which the sport is heading."

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Typical Red Bull, when things aren't going their way they threaten to quit.

Let them go. F1 will be better off without them. All 10 of the other teams abide by the rules, whether they like them or not.

Let them go. Just because they don't like the rules that 10 of the 11 teams involved are happy to comply with, they threaten this. F1 would be better off without them.

Good riddance. Time for an end to the rules tailor made for Red Bull and the stewards turning a blind eye to their violations.

Get rid of F1,it is corrupt,unsporting and boring.

YES!!!!! Our prayers have been answered! Jog on you greedy twat, who the hell does he think he is.

I kinda don't blame them really, F1 has gotten pretty sucky this year very quickly, and that 'disqualification' is pretty rediculous. Sure I don't want to see Vettel comfortably win this year but there's no need to take every opportunity to shoot down the entire team.

Sure, we'll let Lotus race even though neither car could even put in a qualifying lap - let's be forgiving that rule, but when teams have technical difficulties with the (widely known to be faulty) piece of 'standard issue' fuel flow equipment lets punish them all!

or wait, no - just the ones who after going over the limit (according to the faulty equipment!) of fuel flow chose to realise it was not correct and 'race' on (this is a race right?) rather than just turn down the fuel even lower...

Are we supposed to be being strict about the 'no tolerence' of exceeding the fuel flow, becasue from the reports nearly half the field at some point did it - Red bull was just the only ones who were in a tight enough race they couldn't unnecdcesarily turn down the engine...

And no, at most 9 other teams are happy with it (and we know it's less than that!) Red bull pulling out would also mean Toro Rosso, which = near 20% of the grid...

The rule for fuel sensors is stupid. They have a certain amount of fuel they can use during the race. Disqualifying someone for using that amount of fuel is patently absurd.

He's not wrong to be upset about that. It's ridiculous.

quit cause they can't always win FIA cases sore losers I wont worry if toro rosso and redbull quit dont bother me bring some teams who take the blame not hide it.

Formula 1 is turning into battery powered go-karts. It's pandering to everyone except the fans. The once exciting and entertaining sport has crumpled into a legalistically political drama of its former self.

F1 is dead. Thank you eco-terrorists and politically correct nincompoops...

The FIA already has an electric car F1 series called Formula E, leave formula 1 alone

Check out Formula E

You're ignorant, the only teams happy are the Mercedes powered teams who have a clear an unfair advantage because of rules red bull used to only have an advantage because of better engineering.

Formula E is for economy not formula 1. Formula 1 should be magnificent spectacular a true spectacle for everyone to see, not its just stupid fluttering turbos. Red bull used to have an unfair advantage because of brilliant engineering but now Mercedes powered teams have one because of rules. No ten out of eleven teams are not happy on the teams with Mercedes power units are. Oh one other thing i hate half the teams have to have squidwards nose on the front of their car for no obvious reason what so ever. Get your crap together f1 come on.

There is no difference between Vettel winning comfortably as opposed to Hamilton. Even if it were Daniel Kvyat in the best car winning all the time with superior machinery it'd still be boring. It's almost like Le Mans at this point, Merc in the higher tier and the rest lagging behind. I have better things to do on a sunday than watch a procession, we've already had years of that and the new rules were supposed to promote a more even playing field. The FIA have basically robbed Peter to pay Paul. Pinacle of motorsport? You're having a laugh!