F1 engines sound 's***' says Vettel, as Button weighs in

Mar 28, 2014

If you don't like it race something else, says Button, but Vettel complains that there is more noise in a bar

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

THE lack of noise being generated by Formula 1's new V6 engines is being made up for by the deafening volume of complaints coming from their detractors, who continue to rail against the lack of decibels being produced by the cars.

As Mercedes pair Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg came out on top in the first two practice sessions at the Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang, reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel weighed into the debate, describing the sound of the new engines as "s***" and calling it a "shame".
Reflecting on events in Australia a fortnight ago, when he was forced out of the race early, Vettel said: "I was on the pit wall during the race, and it is quieter than in a bar. I think for the fans it is not good. I think F1 has to be spectacular – and the sound is one of the most important things."
He is not alone notes the Daily Telegraph. "The 26 year-old's assessment echoes the view of the sport's octogenarian supremo, Bernie Ecclestone, who has opposed the introduction of the new hybrid engines since they were mooted."
And Vettel's intervention could be significant. "His opinion will carry weight among millions of fans around the world trying to come to terms with this technological leap that appears to have appealed to no one but the legislators," says The Times.  

The organisers of the Australian Grand Prix have already threatened to sue over the lack of noise, and said the new whining engines could "kill the golden goose".
But not everyone is against the engines. Nico Rosberg, winner of the Australian Grand Prix, said the change was "good for F1".
Although his opinion could be to do with his sudden elevation to title contender. "Not to question Rosberg and Vettel's sincerity, but it is amazing how a driver's view of a regulation is so often aligned to the relative performance of their car," muses Daniel Johnson in the Telegraph.
It fell to veteran McLaren driver Jenson Button, now the oldest man on the grid, to urge the drivers to concentrate on the racing rather than the roar.
"When you win a race you win a race, it doesn't matter what it sounds like. If [the engines] were silent you wouldn't care," he said. "Go and race something else if you are not happy."

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Do try to keep up, Bernie has already retracted his comments.

What Jenson Button fail to realise it's the fans that is paying their pay check and we want the roar of F1...!!! It's like buying a Ferrari or Lamborghini to listen to the B&O stereo????? Bull....the sound is part of the emotion, the sight and smell of petrol and rubber just adds to the entire spectacle.....>msg to Button: without fans or sponsors there would be a championship for you to fight for....what a tool you are!!

This sucks, period, These Sob's burn Millions of gallons of fuel to get everybody to the race and then go environmental because the F1 cars might burn a thousand gallons over a race weekend, BS My 10 horse power briggs&straton go-cart sounds better.

What a joke, they are going to lose billions as the crowds disapear and stop watching. The sound is bloody awful. So long F1, its been fun.
For the people saying you can't make a turbo engine noisey, BS, Indy cars back in the 90's were turbocharged and they sounded awesome.

I'm just glad I got a chance to see races with the "old" engines. The sound is definitely the most impressive part for the average visitor of an F1 race. I'm going to give it another try this year but if these engines sound life on the track as they sound in TV it's going to be my last race.

I'm not sure what Button's problem is, maybe he's looking for some attention since he can't make the podium anymore or maybe he is just going deaf. Either way, Vettel is right, the new engine sounds like s***. And Rosberg will change his mind latest after his next contract renewal when his salary is cut in half.

JB is boring fart ... just like his driving ... that's why he is nowhere in the races at the moment ... he's championship was handed to him by his teams superior car ... oh shit ... did I just insult an english driver .... bleh

They need to change the sound .... drastically ... the F1 show is loosing it's appeal BIGTIME without the awesome engine sounds .... many would rather watch GP2

Jenson I'm a big fan of your driving but you're wrong about this. I was shocked. I thought I'd tuned in to saloon car racing. Absolutely pathetic sound and I won't be watching another race until the regulations are changed (far too regs for F! anyway just like everything else these days). Think about the fans for once and give us drama, spectacle, noise and excitement. My company car park at 5pm is noisier and more exciting.

Under considerable pressure I suspect.

F-1 has lost a MAJOR attraction, as well as a distinguishing feature of motor racing. I long for the whine of the V12s, and more than likely will be much less likely to follow as it is now just another open wheel race like Indy cars. :(