Kid Icarus flies again in best Nintendo game for years

Mar 28, 2012

'Kid Icarus: Uprising' marks a triumphant return of a cult classic after a 24-year break

What you need to know
The Kid Icarus franchise first saw the light of day 26 years ago when the game, with its hero Pit, was released on the original Nintendo Entertainment System.
The clever platform game was a huge hit. It chronicled the half-angel Pit's struggle against the evil Medusa and was revered by many 1980s gamers. Then . . . nothing.
There was a semi-sequel on the Game Boy in 1988 but then the game fell off the radar. Other platform games like Mario, Link and Samus have had their moment in the sun while Pit languished in obscurity.
After decades of pressure and endless rumours Nintendo has finally resurrected the series on the 3DS, and early reports suggest the final product has been worth the wait.

What the critics like
'Kid Icarus: Uprising' is one of the most entertaining Nintendo has produced in quite some time, says Jason Nimer at Games Temple. Segments are "amazingly intense and a lot of fun" and the whole thing is like a "healthy mix of Panzer Dragoon and Starfox".
"An excellent game," says JC Fletcher at Joystix. The whole time you're playing the game "Pit and Palutena banter in corny, fully-voiced dialogue, talking about what's happening, what's coming up", and this is charming "and actually funny". The game is upbeat, funny and "totally worth the money".
The game is fresh, original and "exhilarating to play, and thanks to its off-the-chain level of bonkersness, it should appeal to young and old alike," says Steve Boxer at The Guardian. One thing is for sure: you won't be mistaking it for any other game. It has "cult classic writ through it like a stick of rock". 
What they don't like
While the game does a lot of great things, says Jim Sterling at Destructoid, and has "camp humour", more than "50 per cent of it is actively unpleasant to play". The controls simply do not work well.
Control is also a major setback for Justin Amirkhani at Games Shark. Controlling Pit as a foot soldier is "nearly impossible holding the 3DS in your hand" and only marginally better using a stand. The game may be visually "passable" but it won't be winning any awards.
Jeff Cork at Game Informer loves the game but also feels that "poor controls ground Pit's ambitious return". The sky and land battles are challenging and look "great", but even with the odd free plastic stand the game is "uncomfortable" to play.

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